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2014Angiopoietin 1 and 2 serum concentrations in first trimester of pregnancy as biomarkers of adverse pregnancy outcomesSchneuer, Francisco J.; Roberts, Christine L.; Ashton, Anthony W.; Guilbert, Cyrille; Tasevski, Vitomir; Morris, Jonathan M.; Nassar, Natasha
2-Apr-2017Assisting informed decision making for labour analgesia: a randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for labour analgesia versus a pamphletRaynes-Greenow, Camille; Nassar, Natasha; Torvaldsen, Siranda; Trevena, Lyndal; Roberts, Christine L.
2016Contribution of Changing Risk Factors to the Trend in Breech Presentation at TermBin, Yu Sun; Roberts, Christine L.; Nicholl, Michael C.; Nassar, Natasha; Ford, Jane B.
2016Dietary vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement use: a cross-sectional survey of before and during pregnancy use in Sydney, Australia.Shand, Antonia W.; Walls, Mariyam; Chatterjee, Rahul; Nassar, Natasha; Khambalia, Amina Z.
May-2017Early childhood development of boys with genital anomaliesSchneuer, Francisco J; Bentley, Jason P; Holland, Andrew JA; Lain, Samantha J; Jamieson, Sarra E; Badawi, Badawi; Nassar, Natasha; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2015Esophageal atresia and tracheo-esophageal fistula in Western Australia: prevelence and trendsLeoncini, Emanuele; Bower, Carol; Nassar, Natasha
2015Evaluation of first trimester serum soluble endothelial cell-specific tyrosine kinase receptor in normal and affected pregnanciesSchneuer, Francisco J.; Nassar, Natasha; Guilbert, Cyrille; Tasevski, Vitomir; Ashton, Anthony W.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Roberts, Christine L.
20-Dec-2017Evaluation of the probiotic Lactobacillus Fermentum for the prevention of mastitis in breastfeeding women: a randomised controlled trialBond, Diana; Morris, Jonathan; Nassar, Natasha; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2016High maternal iron status, dietary iron intake and iron supplement use in pregnancy and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: In-house study and systematic reviewKhambalia, Amina Z.; Aimone, Ashley; Nagubandi, Preethi; Roberts, Christine L.; McElduff, Aidan; Morris, Jonathan M.; Powell, Katie; Tasevski, Vitomir; Nassar, Natasha
2015High maternal serum ferritin in early pregnancy and risk of spontaneous preterm birthKhambalia, Amina Z; Collins, Clare E; Roberts, Christine L.; Morris, Jonathan; Powell, Katie; Tasevski, Vitomir; Nassar, Natasha
2015Hospitalisations from one to six years of age: Effects of Gestational Age and Severe Neonatal MorbidityStephens, Alexandre S.; Lain, Samantha J.; Roberts, Christine L.; Bowen, Jennifer R.; Simpson, Judy M.; Nassar, Natasha
2016Hospitalisations up to adulthood for children born with orofacial cleftsBell, Jane; Nassar, Natasha; Turner, Robin; Bower, Carol; Gillet, David; McBain, Wilma; Raynes-Greenow, Camille
2016Iron deficiency in early pregnancy using serum ferritin and soluble transferrin receptor concentrations are associated with pregnancy and birth outcomes.Khambalia, Amina Z.; Collins, Clare E.; Roberts, Christine L.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Powell, Katie; Tasevski, Vitomir; Nassar, Natasha
2016Iron supplement use in pregnancy – are the right women taking the right amount?Chatterjee, Rahul; Shand, Antonia W.; Nassar, Natasha; Walls, Mariyam; Khambalia, Amina Z.
2014Maternal body weight and first trimester screening for chromosomal anomaliesKhambalia, Amina Z; Roberts, Christine L.; Morris, Jonathan M; Tasevski, Vitomir; Nassar, Natasha
2015Prevalence, repairs and complications of hypospadias: an Australian population-based studySchneuer, Francisco J.; Holland, Andrew J.A.; Pereira, Gavin; Bower, Carol; Nassar, Natasha
2016School performance for children with a cleft lip and palate: a population-based studyBell, Jane; Raynes-Greenow, Camille; Turner, Robin; Carol, Bower; Alan, Dodson; Nicholls, W; Nassar, Natasha
2014Trends in New South Wales infant hospital admission rates in the first year of life: population-based studyLain, Samantha J.; Roberts, Christine L.; Bowen, J.R.; Nassar, Natasha
2015Using record linkage to investigate perinatal factors and neonatal thyroid-stimulating hormoneLain, Samantha J.; Roberts, Christine L.; Wilcken, B; Wiley, V; Jack, M M; Nassar, Natasha; Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, NSW Australia