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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Children’s Understandings of Mediated Health Campaigns for Childhood ObesityBabooram, Melanie; Mullan, Barbara; Sharpe, Louise
2012Consequences of Play: A Systematic Review of the Effects of Online GamingSublette, Victoria; Mullan, Barbara
2010Consumer food-safety education for the domestic environment: a systematic reviewMilton, Alyssa; Mullan, Barbara
2011An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Immediate Hedonic Behaviors and Distal Benefit BehaviorsCollins, Anna; Mullan, Barbara
2011Health-related content in Australian television advertisingBaker, Julia; Mullan, Barbara
2011Measuring beliefs about gluten free diet adherence in adult coeliac disease using the theory of planned behaviourSainsbury, Kirby; Mullan, Barbara
2012A pilot evaluation of appetite-awareness training in the treatment of childhood overweight and obesityBloom, Taryn; Sharpe, Louise; Mullan, Barbara; Zucker, Nancy
28-May-2012Predicting breakfast consumption: A comparison of the theory of planned behaviour and the health action process approachMullan, Barbara; Wong, Cara; Kothe, Emily Jane; MacCann, Carolyn
2010Predicting food hygiene: An investigation of social factors and past behaviour in an extended model of the Health Action Process Approach.Chow, S; Mullan, Barbara
2009Predictors of undergraduates' intention to incorporate glycaemic index into dietary behaviourGoodwin, Robyn; Mullan, Barbara
2012Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption: Testing an intervention based on the theory of planned behaviourKothe, Emily Jane; Mullan, Barbara; Butow, PN
2011Randomised controlled trial of a brief theory-based intervention promoting breakfast consumptionKothe, Emily Jane; Mullan, Barbara; Amaratunga, Rajith
2011The Role of Executive Function in Bridging the Intention-Behaviour Gap for Binge-Drinking in University StudentsMullan, Barbara; Wong, Cara; Allom, Vanessa; Pack, Sophia
2012The role of self-regulation in predicting sleep hygiene in university studentsTodd, Jemma; Mullan, Barbara
2010A systematic review of the quality, content and context of breakfast consumptionMullan, Barbara; Singh, Monika
2009Trust not in money: The effect of financial conflict of interest disclosure on dietary behavioural intentionGoodwin, Robyn; Mullan, Barbara
2010Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour to design a Food Hygiene InterventionMullan, Barbara; Wong, Cara