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    • Camouflaged Trade Agreements 

      Appelbaum, Elie; Melatos, Mark (School of Economics, 2012-05)
      We raise the possibility that at least some of the free trade areas observed in practice are customs unions in disguise. We distinguish between generalized and standard customs unions. While members of the former can choose ...
    • How Does Uncertainty Affect the Choice of Trade Agreements? 

      Appelbaum, Elie; Melatos, Mark (School of Economics, 2012-04)
      This paper analyzes how uncertainty and the timing of its resolution influence the formation and design of regional trade agreements. Two sources of uncertainty — in demand and costs — are considered. We compare the case ...
    • Modelling Regional Trade Agreements 

      Melatos, Mark (University of Sydney. Economics and Political Science, 2002)
      In the last twenty years, regional trade agreements have proliferated. These have usually taken the form of customs unions (CUs) or free trade areas (FTAs). This thesis concentrates mostly on the formation and behaviour ...