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2012Living beneath the sword of Damocles. Perceptions of risk and fears of cancer recurrence among Australian melanoma survivors at high or moderate risk of developing new primary diseaseKasparian, NA; McLoone, JK; Meiser, B; Butow, PN; Barlow-Stewart, K; Charles, M; Mann, G; Menzies, S
2014Long-term outcomes of risk-reducing surgery in unaffected women at increased familial risk of breast and/or ovarian cancerHeiniger, L; Butow, PN; Coll, J; Bullen, T; Wilson, J; Baylock, B; Meiser, B; Price, MA; kConFab Psychosocial Group on behalf of the kConFab Investigators
2012Looking different, feeling different: women’s reactions to risk reducing breast and ovarian surgeryHallowell, N; Baylock, B; Heiniger, L; Butow, PN; Patel, D; Meiser, B; Saunders, C; Price, MA
2012Making hard choices easier: a prospective, multicentre study to assess the efficacy of a fertility-related decision aid in young women with early-stage breast cancerPeate, M; Meiser, B; Cheah, BC; Saunders, C; Butow, PN; Thewes, B; Hart, R; Phillips, KA; Hickey, M; Friedlander, M
2014Misperceptions of ovarian cancer risk in women at increased risk for hereditary ovarian cancerMeiser, B; Price, MA; Butow, PN; Rahman, B; Tucker, K; Cheah, B; Bickerstaffe, A; Hopper, J; Phillips, KA
2012Psychological care for people at high risk of melanoma: Development and pilot testing of a psycho-educational interventionKasparian, NA; McLoone, JK; Meiser, B; Butow, PN; Barlow-Stewart, K; Mann, G; Dieng, M; Menzies, S
2013Psychosocial factors and uptake of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy in women at high risk for ovarian cancerMeiser, B; Price, MA; Butow, PN; Karatas, J; Wilson, J; Heiniger, L; Baylock, B; Charles, M; McLachlan, S; Phillips, K
2012When the risks are high: Psychological adjustment among melanoma survivors at high risk of developing new primary diseaseMcLoone, JK; Watts, K; Menzies, SW; Meiser, B; Butow, PN; Kasparian, NA