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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An Agrarian Imaginary in Urban Life: Cultivating Virtues and Vices Through a Conflicted History.Mayes, C
27-Jun-2014Because we can, does it mean we should? The ethics of GM foodsMayes, C
11-Sep-2014Big Food with a regional flavour: how Australia’s food lobby worksMayes, C; Kaldor, J
2012BioethicsMayes, C; Kerridge, I
2014Book Review: Johanna Oksala, Foucault, Politics, and Violence (Evanston, Il: Northwestern University Press, 2012)Mayes, C
2014Clarifying the costs of conflicts of interestMayes, C; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
2017Conflicted hope: social egg freezing and clinical conflicts of interest.Mayes, C; Williams, J; Lipworth, W
2017Conflicts of Interest in Australia’s IVF Industry: an empirical analysis and call for actionBlakely, B; Williams, J; Mayes, C; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
2017Conflicts of interest in medicine: taking diversity seriously.Williams, J; Mayes, C; Komesaroff, P; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
Jun-2016Conflicts of Interest in Neoliberal Times: Perspectives of Australian medical studentsMayes, C; Kerridge, I; Habibi, R; Lipworth, W
2017Debates about conflict of interest in medicine: Deconstructing a divided discourse.Purdy, S; Little, M; Mayes, C; Lipworth, W
Apr-2016Declarations, Accusations and Judgement: Examining conflict of interest discourses as performative speech-acts.Mayes, C; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
2018Decoding disclosure: Comparing conflict of interest policy among the United States, France, and Australia.Grundy, Q; Habibi, R; Shnier, A; Mayes, C; Lipworth, W
13-Mar-2015Don’t be surprised by Abbott’s comments about ‘lifestyle choices’Mayes, C; Kaldor, J
2-Jun-2016Don’t dismiss conflict-of-interest concerns in IVF, they have a basisWilliams, J; Blakely, B; Mayes, C; Lipworth, W
2014Governing through choice: Food labels and the confluence of food industry and public health discourse to create ‘healthy consumers’Mayes, C
Mar-2014The Harm of Bioethics: A Critique of Singer and Callahan on ObesityMayes, C
12-Sep-2016Health professionals as vendors: the commercial erosion of evidence and ethicsLipworth, W; Mayes, C; Kerridge, I
9-Apr-2015Impure Politics and Pure Science: Efficacious Ebola Medications Are Only a Palliation and Not a Cure for Structural DisadvantageDegeling, C; Johnson, J; Mayes, C
23-May-2014Joe Hockey’s medical research fund is nothing more than a distractionMayes, C; Kaldor, J; Carter, SM; Little, M; Kerridge, I