• Squaramide-based synthetic chloride transporters activate TFEB but block autophagic flux 

      Zhang, Shaoyi; Wang, Yan; Xie, Wei; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Busschaert, Nathalie; Sauvat, Allan; Leduc, Marion; Gomes-da-Silva, Ligia C.; Chen, Guo; Martins, Isabelle; Deng, Xiaxing; Maiuri, Luigi; Kepp, Oliver; Soussi, Thierry; Gale, Philip A.; Zamzami, Naoufal; Kroemer, Guido
      Published 2019-02-01
      Cystic fibrosis is a disease caused by defective function of a chloride channel coupled to a blockade of autophagic flux. It has been proposed to use synthetic chloride transporters as pharmacological agents to compensate ...
      Open Access