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18-May-2010Bridging the Gap: Evaluation of the Domestic Violence And Mental Health Pilot Project -Joan Harrison Support Services For WomenLaing, Lesley; Toivonen, Cherie; Social Work & Policy Studies, Faculty of Education and Social Work
Apr-2005Evaluation of the Green Valley Domestic Violence Service (GVDVS)Laing, Lesley; Irwin, Jude; Kennaugh, Cherie; Social Work & Policy Studies
Sep-2012Evaluation of the Green Valley Liverpool Domestic Violence Service (GVLDVS): Walking with women on their journey away from violenceLaing, Lesley; Toivonen, Cherie
2014Improving professional learning and teaching through the development of a quality processRowley, Jennifer; Scanlon, Lesley; Laing, Lesley; Smith, Lorraine; Treleaven, Lesley; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Social Work & Policy Studies; Music Education Unit; Education and Social Work - Research; Pharmacy; Office L&T in Economics & Business
23-Jul-2013‘It’s like this maze that you have to make your way through.’ Women’s experiences of seeking a domestic violence protection order in NSW.Laing, Lesley
Jun-2010No way to live: Women’s experiences of negotiating the family law system in the context of domestic violenceLaing, Lesley
12-Sep-2010“THEY NEVER ASKED ME ANYTHING ABOUT THAT”: The Stories of Women who Experience Domestic Violence and Mental Health Concerns/IllnessLaing, Lesley; Toivonen, Cherie; Irwin, Jude; Napier, Lindsey; Social Work & Policy Studies, Faculty of Education and Social Work
Jun-2011"They should have this in every court." Evaluation of the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement Women's Family Law Support Service (WFLSS)Laing, Lesley; Social Work & Policy Studies, Faculty of Education and Social Work
19-Jun-2013'Women get lost in the gaps': Service providers’ perspectives on women’s access to legal protection from domestic violenceLynch, Denise; Laing, Lesley