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Jul-2014Adult-larva epistasis affects development and fitness in a clonal antTeseo, Serafino; Chaline, Nicolas; Jaisson, Pierre; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Biodiversity and life history adaptations of army ant myrmecophilesvon Beeren, Christoph; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Causes and consequences of thelytoky in the ant Cerapachys biroiFetter-Pruneda, Ingrid; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Conserved microsatellites as broadly applicable genetic markers: a case study in antsButler, Ian; Siletti, Kimberly; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Detailed analysis of division of labor using long-term trackingSaragosti, Jonathan; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Developing transgenics in the clonal raider ant, Cerapachys biroi.Trible, Waring; Olivos-Cisneros, Leonora; Matthews, Benjamin; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Epigenetic regulation of reproduction and behavior in a clonal antLibbrecht, Romain; Keller, Laurent; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Genetic Regulation of Behavior in the Clonal Raider AntOxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Group size, division of labor and fitness in clonal ant societiesUlrich, Yuko; Saragosti, Jonathan; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Molecular and neural basis of chemosensation in the ant Cerapachys biroiMcKenzie, Sean; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014A mutualistic network of ants, aphids and gut microbesIvens, Aniek; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Social evolution and behavior of the queenless clonal raider antKronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Utilizing genotyping-by-sequencing to elucidate Neotropical army ant evolutionWinston, Max; Kronauer, Daniel; Moreau, Corrie