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18-Oct-2016[18F]AV-1451 PET in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia due to MAPT mutationBevan Jones, WR; Cope, TE; Passamonti, L; Fryer, TD; Hong, YT; Aigbirhio, F; Kril, JJ; Forrest, SL; Allinson, K; Coles, JP; Spillantini, MG; Hodges, JR; O'Brien, JT; Rowe, JB
29-May-2017Assessment of amyloid β in pathologically confirmed frontotemporal dementia syndromesTan, RH; Kril, JJ; Yang, Y; Tom, N; Hodges, JR; Villemagne, VL; Rowe, CC; Leyton, CE; Kwok, JBJ; Ittner, LM; Halliday, GM
8-Apr-2016Expanding the phenotypic associations of globular glial tau subtypesBurrell, JR; Forrest, SL; Bak, TH; Hodges, JR; Halliday, GM; Kril, JJ
2016Human adult neurogenesis across the ages: An immunohistochemical studyDennis, CV; Suh, LS; Rodriguez, ML; Kril, JJ; Sutherland, GT
2018Imaging mass spectrometry of frontal white matter lipid changes in human alcoholicsde la Monte, SM; Kay, J; Yalcin, EB; Kril, JJ; Sheedy, D; Sutherland, GT
2014Neuropathology of alcoholismSutherland, GT; Sheedy, D; Kril, JJ
Jul-2018Re-investigating the effects of chronic smoking on the pathology of alcohol-related human brain damageMcCorkindale, AN; Sizemova, A; Sheedy, D; Kril, JJ; Sutherland, GT
2017Retiring the term FTDP-17 as MAPT mutations are genetic forms of sporadic frontotemporal tauopathiesForrest, SL; Kril, JJ; Stevens, C; Kwok, JB; Hallupp, M; Kim, W; Huang, Y; McGinley, C; Werka, H; Kiernan, MC; Gotz, J; Spillantini, MG; Hodges, JR; Ittner, LM; Halliday, GM