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    • Communicating about screening 

      Entwistle, V; Carter, SM; Trevena, L; Flitcroft, K; Irwig, L; McCaffery, K; Salkeld, G (BMJ, 2008)
      Informed choice is important for screening, but not everyone wants or is able to analyse research data. Vikki Entwistle and colleagues propose a new approach to communication People are offered a wide range of screening ...
    • Too Much Medicine in older people? Deprescribing through Shared Decision Making 

      Jansen, J; Naganathan, V; Carter, SM; McLachlan, A; Nickel, B; Irwig, L; Bonner, C; Doust, J; Heaney, A; Turner, R; McCaffery, K (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016-06-03)
      Too much medicine is an increasingly recognised problem,1 2 and one manifestation is inappropriate polypharmacy in older people. Polypharmacy is usually defined as taking more than five regular prescribed medicines.3 It ...