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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2010The acceptability of road pricing: An application of a theoretical and analytical framework to the realities of decision making in SydneyPalmer, Joel; ITLS
Mar-2012Accessibility and residual land value uplift: Identifying spatial variations in the accessibility impacts of a bus transitwayDensmore, Karley; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Feb-1996Accessible Buses in a Commercial EnvironmentSmith, Neil; ITLS
Oct-1996Accident Analysis and Investigation: the role of road safety engineeringOgden, K W; ITLS
Sep-2010Accounting for differences in modelled estimates of RP, SP and RP/SP direct petrol price elasticities for car mode choice: A warningHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng; ITLS
Aug-2005Accounting for Exogenous Information on Decision Maker Processing Strategies in Models of Discrete Choice: Attribute Exclusion Strategies in Airline ChoiceRose, John M; Hensher, David A.; Greene, William H; ITLS
Jan-2005Accounting for Heterogeneity in the Variance of Unobserved Effects in Mixed Logit ModelsGreene, William; Hensher, David A.; Rose, John; ITLS
Mar-2013Accounting for travel time variability in the optimal pricing of cars and busesTirachini, Alejandro; Hensher, David A.; Bliemer, Michiel C. J.; ITLS
Apr-2010The accuracy of proxy responses in a stated choice settingBeck, Matthew J.; Rose, John M.; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
May-2007Achieving competitive advantage through strategic and operational partnering in the value chain: The Asia Pacific challengeWalters, D; Rainbird, Mark; ITLS
Oct-1996Activity Modelling of Urban Traffic MovementDaly, Peter; Young, Bill; ITLS
Jul-2006Advances in GPS Technology for Measuring TravelStopher, Peter; FitzGerald, Camden; Zhang, Jun; ITLS
Sep-2008Aggregation of common-metric attributes in preference revelation in choice experiments and implications for willingness to payLayton, David; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Oct-2015Air safety & security: Traveller perceptions post the Malaysian Air disastersBeck, Matthew J.; Rose, John M.; Merkert, Rico; ITLS
Oct-2016Air Transport Services in Regional Australia – Demand pattern, frequency choice and airport entryZhang, Yahua; Wang, Kun; Fu, Xiaowen; ITLS
May-2017Airline Horizontal Mergers and Productivity: Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment in ChinaYan, Jia; Fu, Xiaowen; Oum, Tae Hoon; Wang, Kun; ITLS
Mar-2015Airport capacity choice under airport-airline vertical arrangementsXiao, Yibin; Fu, Xiaowen; Zhang, Anming; ITLS
Nov-2014Analysing air operators’ managerial perceptions of incentives for competing for regional PSO air services within EuropeMerkert, Rico; O’Fee, Basil; ITLS
Mar-2011Analysing speeding behaviour: A multilevel modelling approachFamilar, Russell; Greaves, Stephen; Ellison, Adrian; ITLS