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14-Dec-2015The cost effectiveness of bevacizumab when added to capecitabine, with or without mitomycin-C, in first line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer: results from the Australasian phase III MAX studyCarter, Hannah; Zannino, Diana; Simes, R John; Schofield, Deborah J; Howard, Kirsten; Zalcberg, John R; Price, Timothy J; Tebbutt, Niall C
May-2016Economic considerations of patients and caregivers in choosing a dialysis modalityWalker, Rachael C; Howard, Kirsten; Tong, Allison; Palmer, Suetonia C; Marshall, Mark R; Morton, Rachael L
15-May-2014The effect of information about overdetection of breast cancer on women's decision-making about mammography screening: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialHersch, Jolyn; Barratt, Alexandra; Jansen, Jesse; Houssami, Nehmat; Irwig, Les; Jacklyn, Gemma; Dhillon, Haryana; Thornton, Hazel; McGeechan, Kevin; Howard, Kirsten; McCaffery, Kirsten
8-Feb-2016Patients who plan for conservative care rather than dialysis: a national observational study in AustraliaMorton, Rachael L; Turner, Robin M; Howard, Kirsten; Snelling, Paul; Webster, Angela C
Sep-2016Where to start?: Educating patients and their families about Peritoneal DialysisWalker, Rachael C; Howard, Kirsten; Morton, Rachael L
13-Mar-2012Which dialysis modality do patients approaching end-stage kidney disease prefer? Findings from a discrete choice study.Morton, Rachael L; Snelling, Paul; Webster, Angela C; Rose, John; Masterson, Rosemary; Johnson, David W; Howard, Kirsten