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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The 15th International Conference on Competition and Ownership of Land Passenger Transport (Thredbo 15)Hensher, David A.
2013Accommodating Perceptual Conditioning in the Valuation of Expected Travel Time Savings for Cars and Public TransportLi, Zheng; Hensher, David A.; Rose, John M
2013Accounting for Attribute Non-Attendance and Common-Metric Aggregation in a Probabilistic Decision Process Mixed Multinomial Logit Model: A Warning on Potential ConfoundingHensher, David A.; Greene, William H.; Collins, Andrew T.
2014Accounting for travel time variability in the optimal pricing of cars and busesHensher, David A.; Tirachini, Alejandro; Bliemer, Michiel C. J.
2014Attribute processing as a behavioural strategy in choice makingHensher, David A.
2013Behavioural implications of preferences, risk attitudes and beliefs in modelling risky travel choice with travel time variabilityHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
2007Climate change, enhanced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and passenger transport – what can we do to make a difference?Hensher, David A.
2014Complementing Distance based Charges with Discounted Registration Fees in the Reform of Road User Charges: the Impact for Motorists and Government RevenueHensher, David A.; Mulley, Corinne
2012Congestion Charging and Car Use: A Review of Stated Preference and Opinion StudiesHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
2015Contrasts of Relative Advantage Maximisation with Random Utility Maximisation and Regret MinimisationLeong, Waiyan; Hensher, David A.
2017Cross-cultural contrasts of preferences for Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail TransitBalbontina, Camila; Hensher, David A.; Ho, Chinh Q.; Mulley, Corinne
2013Crowding in public transport systems: effects on users, operation and implications for the estimation of demandHensher, David A.; Rose, John M.; Tirachini, Alejandro
2013Crowding in Public Transport: A Review of Objective and Subjective MeasuresHensher, David A.; Li, Zheng
2015Data challenges: more behavioural and (relatively) less statistical – a think pieceHensher, David A.
2017Digital public transport in an era of sharing and collaborative mobilityHensher, David A.
2012Embedding Decision Heuristics in Discrete Choice Models: A ReviewHensher, David A.; Leong, Waiyan
2017Emerging transport technologies and the modal efficiency framework: A case for mobility as a service (MaaS)Wong, Yale Z.; Hensher, David A.; Mulley, Corinne
2017Emerging transport technologies and the modal efficiency framework: A case for mobility as a service (MaaS)Wong, Yale Z.; Hensher, David A.; Mulley, Corinne
2011Environmental and social taxes: reforming road pricing in AustraliaHensher, David A.; Stanley, John
2013Exploring the Relationship between Perceived Acceptability and Referendum Voting Support for Alternative Road Pricing SchemesHensher, David A.