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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The acquisition of conditioned respondingHarris, Justin A
2010The arguments of associationsHarris, Justin A
2010An attention modulated associative network.Harris, Justin A; Livesey, Evan J
2009Attentional Changes During Implicit Learning: Signal Validity Protects a Target Stimulus from the Attentional BlinkLivesey, Evan J; Harris, Irina M; Harris, Justin A
Aug-2015Changes in the distribution of response rates across the CS-US interval: Evidence that responding switches between two distinct states.Harris, Justin A
Oct-2011Comparing learned predictiveness effects within and across compound discriminationsLivesey, Evan J; Thorwart, Anna; De Fina, Nicole L; Harris, Justin A
2014Conditioned inhibition and reinforcement rateHarris, Justin A; Kwok, Dorothy; Andrew, Benjamin J
Apr-2012The content of compound conditioningHarris, Justin A; Andrew, Benjamin J; Livesey, Evan J
2006Elemental Representations of Stimuli in Associative LearningHarris, Justin A
Apr-2013Magazine approach during a signal for food depends on Pavlovian, not instrumental, conditioningHarris, Justin A; Andrew, Benjamin J; Kwok, Dorothy
20-May-2019Motor memory: Revealing conditioned action tendencies using TMS (Supplemental Information)Tran, Dominic MD; Harris, Justin A; Harris, Irina M; Livesey, Evan J
Oct-2011Response Rate and Reinforcement Rate in Pavlovian ConditioningHarris, Justin A
2011Response rates track the history of reinforcement timesHarris, Justin A; Gharaei, Saba; Pincham, Hannah L
Oct-2011Summation of reinforcement rates when conditioned stimuli are presented in compoundAndrew, Benjamin J; Harris, Justin A