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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Accelerated access to medicines: An ethical analysisPace, J; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
2017Access to high cost cancer medicines through the lens of an Australian Senate Inquiry - defining the 'goods' at stake.Ghinea, N; Little, M; Lipworth, W
2016Affordable access to innovative cancer medicines — don’t forget the pricesGhinea, N; Lipworth, W
2017Caution needed in introduction of provisional approvals for medicinesPace, J; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
2016Challenges to the validity of using medicine labels to categorise clinical behaviour: an empirical and normative critique of ‘off-label’ prescribingGhinea, N; Kerridge, I; Little, M; Lipworth, W
Jan-2019Clarifying the relationship between serious ethical violations and conflicts of interestLipworth, W; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I
2018Clearing the air: towards agreement about access to high cost cancer medicinesLipworth, W; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I; Zalcberg, J
10-Mar-2016CommInsure scandal reminds us commercial forces are at play in medicineLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Ghinea, N
2-Oct-2017Demands for access to new therapies: are there alternatives to accelerated access?Pace, J; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
Sep-2018An ethical framework for the creation, governance and evaluation of accelerated access programsPace, J; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
2014Ethics and Evidence in Medical Debates: The Case of Recombinant Activated Factor VIIGhinea, N; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Little, M; Day, R
2015The Ethics around Drug Labels and Generic Medicines.Day, R; Lipworth, W; Ghinea, N
2014Evidence, regulation and “rational” prescribing: the case of gabapentin for neuropathic pain.Ghinea, N; Lipworth, W; Doran, E; Kerridge, I
15-Mar-2017Faster access to new drugs doesn’t always mean better treatmentGhinea, N; Lipworth, W
27-Jul-2015If we don’t talk about value, cancer drugs will become terminal for health systemsGhinea, N; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W
2016Importation of generic hepatitis C therapies: Bridging the price - access gap in high-income countriesGhinea, N; Lipworth, W; Day, R; Hill, A; Dore, G; Danta, M
29-Jan-2019Limiting religious contributions – a response to SchuklenkWiersma, M; Ghinea, N; Lipworth, W
2-Jul-2016Negotiating limits to the funding of high cost cancer medicinesLipworth, W; Ghinea, N; Kerridge, I
2012No evidence or no alternative? Taking responsibility for off-label prescribingGhinea, N; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Day, R
2014Off-label promotion of prescription medicine: is it ever justifiable?Ghinea, N; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I