• Epistemology and the Ethics of Homeopathy: a Response to Freckelton 

      Levy, David Claude; Gadd, B
      Published 2012-01-01
      The death of two patients in the care of Australian homœopaths is undeniably tragic and reflects poorly on the homœopathic profession at large. While Freckelton admits that it is not fair to judge a profession by its worst ...
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      Article, Letter
    • A Gentle Ethical Defence of Homeopathy 

      Levy, David Claude; Gadd, B; Kerridge, I; Komesaroff, P
      Published 2014-01-01
      Recent discourses about the legitimacy of homeopathy have focused on its scientific plausibility, mechanism of action and evidence base. These, frequently, conclude not only that homeopathy is scientifically baseless, but ...
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