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1969A clinical study of venomous snake bite in PapuaCampbell, Charles Hexton; Faculty of Medicine
2011Handbooks 2011 web archiveUniversity of Sydney; Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning; Faculty of Dentistry; Faculty of Education and Social Work; Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies; Faculty of Health Sciences; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Medicine; Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery; Faculty of Pharmacy; Faculty of Science; Sydney College of the Arts; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Faculty of Veterinary Science; The University of Sydney Business School; Koori Centre
2000Health seeking behaviours in a sexual health clinic populationTrutnovsky, Gerda; Faculty of Medicine
1998The influence of safety measures on workers' safety perception and behaviorHabibzadeh, Zahra Haji; Faculty of Medicine
2010Medicine Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Medicine
2011Medicine Handbook 2011University of Sydney; Faculty of Medicine
2010Medico-legal matters and Australian doctors : an investigation of doctors' experience of medico-legal matters, their mental health and their practice of medicineNash, Louise (Louise Mary); Faculty of Medicine
1995Microglia and leucocyte lineage cells of the developing human eyeDiaz-Araya, Claudia M. (Claudia Marcela); Faculty of Medicine
1971Patterns of tarsal bone disintegration in leprosy patientsWarren, Agnes Grace; Faculty of Medicine
2013A prospective methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus typing system for infection control : design and effectivenessO'Sullivan, Matthew Vincent Neil; Faculty of Medicine
1991Sociocultural factors in eating disordersMurray, Sara; Faculty of Medicine
2013Vision and refraction in Australian preschool children : measures, prevalence, and associated factorsPai, Amy Shih-I; Faculty of Medicine
1999Which body size? : a cross-cultural study of body composition and body perceptionCraig, Pippa; Faculty of Medicine