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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The common concern of humankind and legal protection of the global environmentHorn, Laura Sandra; Faculty of Law
2007Contract formation in open electronic networksMik, Eliza; Faculty of Law
2006Crimes against humanity in international lawDubler, Robert Edward.; Faculty of Law
11-Dec-2008Different Routes to Relationship Recognition Reform: A Comparative Discussion of South Africa and AustraliaGoldblatt, Beth; Faculty of Law
1991Government control and foreign investment : a study of foreign investment laws in Australia and ChinaMo, John; Faculty of Law
2010Government-housing : governing crime and disorder in public housing in New South WalesMartin, Christopher Luke.; Faculty of Law
2011Handbooks 2011 web archiveUniversity of Sydney; Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning; Faculty of Dentistry; Faculty of Education and Social Work; Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies; Faculty of Health Sciences; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Medicine; Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery; Faculty of Pharmacy; Faculty of Science; Sydney College of the Arts; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Faculty of Veterinary Science; The University of Sydney Business School; Koori Centre
2000Humanism and legal historiography in late sixteenth and early seventeenth century England : the Elizabethan Society of AntiquariesStuckey, Michael, 1964-; Faculty of Law
2011Justice and the 'virtual' expert : using remote witness technology to take scientific evidenceWallace, Anne Maree; Faculty of Law
1992The law governing oil concession agreements and the permanent sovereignty of states over their natural resources : with special reference to Islamic Shari'ah lawAl Saedan, Ahmad A. K.; Faculty of Law
2010Law Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Law
2011Law Handbook 2011University of Sydney; Faculty of Law
2003Lawscape : paradigm and place in Australian property lawGraham, Nicole; Faculty of Law
2011Migration policing in Australia and beyondBoon-Kuo, Louise; Faculty of Law
11-Dec-2008Models of Anti-Discrimination Laws – Does Canada offer any lessons for the reform of Australia’s laws?Smith, Belinda; Faculty of Law
2009The protection and conservation of world heritage cultural landscapes : an analysis of the nature-culture continuumCamenzuli, Louise Kathleen; Faculty of Law
1996Reassessing Korean legal culture and the rule of law : legal history, constitutional review and negotiationsKwon, Chan Doo.; Faculty of Law
2010Reforming justice : the journey to fairness : 3 case studies from AsiaArmytage, Livingston; Faculty of Law
1993The role of morals in the justification of judicial decisions / by Christopher BirchBirch, Christopher John; Faculty of Law
2011To recognise or not to recognise, that is NOT the question : family law and the Muslim community in AustraliaKrayem, Ghena; Faculty of Law