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1968Bishop Matthew Quinn and the development of Catholic education in New South Wales, 1865-1885Sweeney, Brian John; Faculty of Education
1976Commonwealth concern, opinion and policy regarding education as evidenced by the official record of proceedings in the House of Representatives, 1945-1967Bishop, Colin; Faculty of Education
2001The development of an emphatic educator : implementing psychodynamic pedagogy through drama in educationKitson, Janine; Faculty of Education
1991The identification and enhancement of biomechanical performance variables in maximal rowingSpinks, W. L.; Faculty of Education
1998An investigation into the effects of reciprocal teaching intervention as a means of developing the at-risk primary student's reading comprehension and metacognitive skills, mediated by motivational variablesLatimer, Lorraine, 1962-; Faculty of Education
1997Learning environments online : a case study of actual practiceCrichton, Susan; Faculty of Education
1969Primary Education in New South Wales, 1880-1910Dunstan, Ross Howard.; Faculty of Education
1969State primary schooling in New South Wales, 1880-1930 : a study of curriculum development and of the 'new education'.Mandelson, Leslie Allan; Faculty of Education
1964A study of the development of guidance in New South Wales schoolsO'Reilly, Winifred Lillian; Faculty of Education
1968A survey and evaluation of the work of Father Julian Tenison Woods for Catholic education in AustraliaBrennan, M. T.; Faculty of Education
1973The Sydney Orphan Schools 1800-1830Bridges, Barry John; Faculty of Education
1960The teaching of reading in New South Wales schools : an historical analysis.Atchison, Frank Eldridge.; Faculty of Education
2002Thinking through aesthetics : ramifications for contemporary socio-visual, creative, and pedagogical practicesWhitehead, Derek H.; Faculty of Education
2002Two studies on the effectiveness of contiguous, graphemic and phonological interventions on measures of reading and spellingBourne, R.J. (Roger John); Faculty of Education