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2004Accessibility in Sydney : patterns, profiles and prospectsGlazebrook, Garry; Faculty of Architecture
2003An architectural comparative analysis of Borobudur, Indonesia and the Kumbum, Gyantse, TibetJean, Jane-Amanda; Faculty of Architecture
1997The architecture of circularity : design, Heidegger and the earthHill, Glen, 1955-; Faculty of Architecture
APP.jpg.jpg6-Jun-2016Basso-Forte DSP Product ProposalArcila, Javier; Acoustics), Master in Architectural Sciences (Audio; Digital Audio Systems; Master in Architectural Sciences (Audio and Acoustics); Faculty of Architecture; The University of Sydney
1982Building programme management : effective organisational functioning in building development programme groups at government level - (health facilities)Billings, Keith H.; Faculty of Architecture
1999Heritage development application determination process at Woollahra Municipal Council : case studies of "Hawthornden" & "Brougham"Boylu, Izlem; Faculty of Architecture; Department of Architecture, Planning and Allied Arts
1982People, plants and buildings : an investigation into the use of vegetation and landscape planning as a means of environmental control & modification of the built environmentLesiuk, Stephen; Faculty of Architecture
2002Preferences for sustainable design : the roles of cognitive evaluation, environmental knowledge, environmental attitudes, and cultureSugiyama, Takemi; Faculty of Architecture
1931The work of Robin Dods, A.R.I.B.A.Egan, John Sydney; Faculty of Architecture