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Jul-2013Endogenous time preference: evidence from Australian households' behaviourDutta, Dilip; Yang, Yibai; School of Economics
Mar-2012Endogenous time preference: evidence from Australian households’ behaviourDutta, Dilip; Yang, Yibai; School of Economics
Jul-1996A General Model of Derived Demand Linkages in a Dual Economy: Some Structural ImplicationsDutta, Dilip; Department of Economics
Jun-2002Indian Software Industry: Growth Patterns, Constraints and Government InitiativesChakraborty, Chandana; Dutta, Dilip; Economics
Nov-2004Knowledge Spillover from Information and Communication Technology: A Comparative Study of Australia, Japan, South Korea and TaiwanDutta, Dilip; Otsuka, Kozo; Economics
Jul-2004Major Indian ICT firms and their approaches towards achieving qualityDutta, Dilip; Sekhar, Anna; Economics
Mar-1994A Model of Share-Cropping with Interlinked Markets in a Dual Agrarian EconomyDutta, Dilip; Hussain, A.; Economics
Feb-2003A Re-examination of Causes of Deforestation and Environmental Kuznets Curve: Evidences from Latin America, Africa and AsiaCulas, Richard; Dutta, Dilip; Economics
Feb-2003Re-examining Economic Growth-Environment Relationship: Evidence from High-, Medium- And Low-Income CountriesGhosh, Paritosh Chandra; Dutta, Dilip; Economics
Aug-2004A socio-economic study of the borrowing process: The case of microentrepreneurs in JordanDutta, Dilip; Magableh, Ihab; Economics
Feb-2003A Structural Analysis of Economic Growth-Environment Relationship under Economic OpennessGhosh, Paritosh Chandra; Dutta, Dilip; Economics
Jun-2005Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Turkey: An Empirical Model of Endogenous Growth AnalysisCihan, Cengiz; Dutta, Dilip; Economics