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15-Apr-20152-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid and bromoxynil herbicide death.Berling, I; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Downes, M.; Isbister, GK.; Discipline of Pharmacology
Sep-2015Alcohol use in bipolar disorder: A neurobiological model to help predict susceptibility, select treatments and attenuate cortical insult.Chitty, Kate M.; Lagopoulos, Jim; Hickie, Ian B.; Hermens, Daniel F.; Discipline of Pharmacology
Jan-2015Challenges for Opioid Receptor NomenclatureCox, Brian M; Christie, Macdonald J; Devi, Lakshmi; Toll, Lawrence; Traynor, John R; Discipline of Pharmacology
1-Jun-2012Characterisation of Nav types endogenously expressed in human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cellsVetter, Irina; Mozar, Christine A.; Durek, Thomas; Wingerd, Joshua S.; Alewood, Paul F.; Christie, Macdonald J.; Lewis, Richard J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
13-Apr-2015Chronic morphine reduces surface expression of δ-opioid receptors in subregions of rostral striatumLeah, Paul M.; Heath, Emily M. L.; Balleine, Bernard W.; Christie, Macdonald J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
2-Dec-2016Clinical and Pharmacological Investigation of Myotoxicity in Sri Lankan Russell's Viper (Daboia russelii) EnvenomingSilva, A.; Johnston, C.; Kuruppu, S.; Kneisz, D.; Maduwage, K.; Kleifeld, O.; Smith, A. I.; Siribaddana, S.; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Hodgson, W. C.; Isbister, G. K.; Discipline of Pharmacology
Mar-2013A Continuous, Fluorescence-based Assay of µ-Opioid Receptor Activation in AtT-20 CellsKnapman, Alisa; Santiago, Marina; Du, Yan Ping; Bennallack, Philip R.; Christie, Macdonald J.; Connor, Mark; Discipline of Pharmacology
6-Jun-2016A decade of Australian methotrexate dosing errorsCairns, R; Brown, J; Robinson, J; Lynch, AM; Wylie, C; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Discipline of Pharmacology
17-Mar-2017Dexamethasone Modifies Cystatin C-Based Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury During Cisplatin-Based ChemotherapyPianta, Timothy J.; Pickering, John W.; Succar, Lena; Chin, Melvin; Davidson, Trent; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Mohamed, Fahim; Endre, Zoltan H.; Discipline of Pharmacology
27-Apr-2017Diagnosis-based and external cause-based criteria to identify adverse drug reactions in hospital ICD-coded data: application to an Australia population-based studyDu, W; Pearson, SA; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Day, C; Banks, E; Discipline of Pharmacology
22-Dec-2014Effects of 8 weeks of CPAP on lipid-based oxidative markers in obstructive sleep apnea: a randomized trialSivam, S.; Witting, P. K.; Hoyos, C. M.; Yee, B. J.; Grunstein, R. R; Phillips, C. L; Discipline of Pharmacology
Jun-2015Fuel poverty increases risk of mould contamination, regardless of adult risk perception & ventilation in social housing propertiesSharpe, Richard A.; Thornton, Christopher R.; Nikolaou, Vasilis; Osborne, Nicholas J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
6-Aug-2013Functional Analysis of Novel Polymorphisms in the Human SLCO1A2 Gene that Encodes the Transporter OATP1A2Zhou, Fanfan; Zheng, Jian; Zhu, Ling; Jodal, Andreas; Cui, Pei H.; Wong, Mark; Gurney, Howard; Church, W. Bret; Murray, Michael; Discipline of Pharmacology
Jan-2012Glutamate transporter dysfunction associated with nerve injury-induced pain in miceNapier, Ian A.; Mohammadi, Sarasa A.; Christie, MacDonald J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
Aug-2014Glycine transport inhibitors for the treatment of pain.Vandenberg, Robert J.; Ryan, Renae M.; Carland, Jane E.; Imlach, Wendy L.; Christie, Macdonald J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
2-Jun-2016High lethality and minimal variation after acute self-poisoning with carbamate insecticides in Sri Lanka – implications for global suicide preventionLamb, Thomas; Selvarajah, Liza R.; Mohamed, Fahim; Jayamanne, Shaluka; Gawarammana, Indika; Mostafa, Ahmed; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Roberts, Michael S.; Eddleston, Michael; Discipline of Pharmacology
1-Mar-2015High-voltage activated calcium current subtypes in mouse DRG neurons adapt in a subpopulation-specific manner after nerve injury.Murali, S.; Napier, I.; Mohammadi, S.; Alewood, P.; Lewis, R.; Christie, M.; Discipline of Pharmacology
30-Aug-2015Hippocampal glutamatergic/NMDA receptor functioning in bipolar disorder: a combined MMN and 1H-MRS studyChitty, Kate M.; Lagopoulos, Jim; Hickie, Ian B.; Hermens, Daniel F.; Discipline of Pharmacology
Jun-2015Household water efficiency strategies in Cornwall, SW of EnglandSharpe, Richard A.; Osborne, Nicholas J.; Skerratt, Glynn; Discipline of Pharmacology
Aug-2013Human chorionic gonadotropin increases β-cleavage of amyloid precursor protein in SH-SY5Y cellsSaberi, Soheila; Du, Yan Ping; Christie, MacDonald; Goldsbury, Claire; Discipline of Pharmacology