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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Commonwealth, Conversion and Consensus: An Examination of the Medieval Icelandic Free State and Political LiberalismKennedy, Roderick George Jacob; Department of Philosophy
2012Empathy for Prinz of the “Dark Side”Mathers, Ananda; Department of Philosophy
2009Evidence based medicine : evolution, revolution, or illusion?La Caze, Adam; Department of Philosophy
10-Jan-2017Fear and Political RhetoricLyon, Tess Emily; Department of Philosophy; School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
2013A Free Choice to Trust: An Essay on the Necessary Requirement for Freedom of Choice in Interpersonal TrustCoffman, Nicholas; Department of Philosophy
2005Inferences from observations to simple statistical hypothesesGrossman, Jason; Department of Philosophy
2012Metaphysical accounts of modality: A comparative evaluation of Lewisian and neo-Aristotelian modal metaphysicsChua, David; Department of Philosophy
2011Moral Discourse: Error-Ridden or Relatively Defensible?Norton, James Peter; Department of Philosophy
2012A Naturalistic Theory of Perceptual RepresentationLees, Adam; Department of Philosophy
2012Neo-pragmatist accounts of truth: Rorty's "ethnocentrism" and Putnam's "internal realism"Taylor, Alistair; Department of Philosophy
2013A New Approach to the Coherence Theory of TruthDimech, Dominic; Department of Philosophy
2011Objects, objectivity and idealism: Robert Brandom's analytic HegelianismMendelsohn, Joshua Aidan; Department of Philosophy
10-Jan-2017An offer you can't (rationally) refuse: systematically exploiting utility-maximisers with malicious gambles.Chalmers, Adam; Department of Philosophy; School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
2013On the Compatibility of Presentism and our most fundamental Physics.Dempsey, Patrick; Department of Philosophy
2007Properties and morality : an examination of the role of universals in moral ontology, and the development of a trope ethicMinehan, M. J.; Department of Philosophy
2003Rethinking Plato’s Theory of Art: Aesthetics and the TimaeusTofighian, Omid; Department of Studies in Religion; Department of Philosophy
2015Revisiting Hume’s Sceptical Crisis: an Essay on the Imagination, Ideas and Belief in Hume’s TreatiseGordon, Elena Katherine; Department of Philosophy
2012Thrown Impossibility: The Ontological Structure of DespairHughes, Emily Joy; Department of Philosophy