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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Arthur Wilberforce Jose (1863-1934), an Anglo-Australian : a study of his contribution to Australian literary culture from the 1890's to the 1930'sPagliaro, T. F. (Teresa Francesca); Department of English
1989Australian ballads : the social function of British and Irish transportation broadsides, popular convict verse and goldfield songsButterss, Philip.; Department of English
2010Chemical and carnival : Fiona McGregor's 'Chemical palace' and Sydney's radical queer dance party sceneBanyer, Emma.; Department of English
2002Constantly I write this happily : encountering Lyn HejinianFagan, Kate; Department of English
1995Douglas Stewart : poet, editor, man of lettersTaaffe, Benjamin James.; Department of English
1990The eddic tradition : a study of the mode of transmission of eddic mythological poetry in the middle agesQuinn, Judy; Department of English
1993Fact and fiction, form and fantasy : the novels of Elizabeth JolleyHort, Harold, 1920-; Department of English
2001The foundation of grammar : an edition of the first section of Óláfr Þorðarson's grammatical treatiseWills, Tarrin; Faculty of Arts; Department of English
2005Going public : pedagogy beyond the academyBrass, Kylie; Department of English
2007Impressionism and professionalism : Joseph Conrad, Ford Madox Ford, and the performance of authorshipAttridge, John, 1976-; Department of English
17-Jun-2008'More Than Common Tall': Measuring up to the 'Real' Rosalind in AustraliaFlaherty, Kate; Department of English
1996Norman Lindsay and his family : myths, manuscripts and other narrativesMendelssohn, Joanna, 1949-; Department of English
1998Politics and postmodernism in the fiction of Russell Banks, Don DeLillo and Robert Stone : an enquiry into the attempt to write a radical fiction in the era of late capitalismWinward, P; Department of English
2010Resistance, rejection, reparation : Anne Sexton and the poetry of therapyJones, Adrian Philip.; Department of English
1977The self-made critic : a literary and biographical study of A.G. StephensLee, Stuart.; Department of English
1993Subject to authority : a study of M. Barnard EldershawDever, Maryanne, 1963-; Department of English
2008'A tactic of return' : purpose and ground in the poetry of Jennifer Maiden and Jennifer RankinCassidy, Bonny; Department of English
2005Translations under the trees : Australian poets' integration of Buddhist ideas and imagesMcLaren, Greg, 1967-; Department of English