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201515 minute consultation: an evidence-based approach to research without prior consent (deferred consent) in neonatal and paediatric critical care trialsWoolfall, K; Frith, L; Dawson, Angus; Gamble, C; Lyttle, M D; Young, B
2015Counterterrorism policies and practices: health and values at stake.Eckenwiler, L; Hunt, M; Ahmad, A; Calain, P; Dawson, Angus; Goodin, R; Messelken, D; Rubenstein, L; Wild, V
Jul-2016A critical interpretive synthesis of evidence and values in recommendations to disinvest from population ScreeningLittle, J; Nicholls, SG; Clifford, T; Sikora, L; Atwere, P; Ashcroft, R; Newson, A.J.; Potter, B; Brehaut, J; Graham, I; Wilson, M; Lavis, J; Grimshaw, J; Verweij, M; Dawson, Angus; Coyle, D; Kemper, A; Botkin, J; Dunfield, L
Jan-2017Eliminating latent tuberculosis in low-burden settings: are the principal beneficiaries to be disadvantaged groups or the broader population?Degeling, C; Denholm, J; Mason, P. H.; Kerridge, I; Dawson, Angus
2015Ethical Frameworks in Public Health Decision-Making: Defending a Value-Based and Pluralist ApproachGrill, K; Dawson, Angus
2015The nature and ethics of natural experimentsDawson, Angus; Sim, Julius
Apr-2016Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the GlobeBarrett, D. H.; Ortmann, L. W.; Dawson, Angus; Saenz, C; Reis, A; Bolan, G
Apr-2016Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and ContextOrtmann, L. W.; Barrett, D. H.; Saenz, C; Bernheim, R. G.; Dawson, Angus; Valentine, J. A.; Reis, A
Apr-2016Public Health ResearchBarrett, D. H.; Ortmann, L. W.; Brown, N; DeCausey, B. R.; Saenz, C; Dawson, Angus
23-May-2016Snakes and ladders: state interventions and the place of liberty in public health policyDawson, Angus
2015Trust, trustworthiness and healthDawson, Angus
Apr-2016Vulnerability and Marginalized PopulationsWrigley, A; Dawson, Angus
11-Jun-2015Why we shouldn’t always compensate people for historical wrongsDawson, Angus