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    • Cancer As Rubbish: Donation of tumor tissue for research. 

      Morrell, B; Lipworth, W; Axler, R; Kerridge, I; Little, M (Sage, 2011)
      Tissue banking (or biobanking), thought by many to be an essential form of medical research, has raised a number of ethical issues that highlight a need to understand the beliefs and values of tissue donors, including the ...
    • Towards a bioethics of innovation 

      Lipworth, W; Axler, R (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016-03)
      In recent years, it has become almost axiomatic that biomedical research and clinical practice should be ‘innovative’—that is, that they should be always evolving and directed towards the production, translation and ...
    • Why might people donate tissue for cancer research? Insights from organ/tissue/blood donation and clinical research 

      Axler, R; Irvine, R; Lipworth, W; Morrell, B; Kerridge, I (Karger, 2008)
      Little is known about why patients with cancer do or do not donate their tissue for research. A review of the literature on motivations to participate in clinical research and to donate tissues/organs for therapeutic use ...