• A large-scale genetic association study to evaluate the contribution of Omi/HtrA2 (PARK13) to Parkinson's disease 

      Krüger, R; Sharma, M; Riess, O; Gasser, T; Van Broeckhoven, C; Theuns, J; Aasly, J; Annesi, G; Bentivoglio, AR; Brice, A; Djarmati, A; Elbaz, A; Farrer, M; Ferrarese, C; Gibson, JM; Hadjigeorgiou, GM; Hattori, N; Ioannidis, JP; Jasinska-Myga, B; Klein, C; Lambert, JC; Lesage, S; Lin, JJ; Lynch, T; Mellick, GD; de Nigris, F; Opala, G; Prigione, A; Quattrone, A; Ross, OA; Satake, W; Silburn, PA; Tan, EK; Toda, T; Tomiyama, H; Wirdefeldt, K; Wszolek, Z; Xiromerisiou, G; Maraganore, DM
      Published 2011-01-01
      High-profile studies have provided conflicting results regarding the involvement of the Omi/HtrA2 gene in Parkinson's disease (PD) susceptibility. Therefore, we performed a large-scale analysis of the association of common ...
      Open Access