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Sep-2015Attitudes of the general public towards the disclosure of individual research results and incidental findings from biobank genomic research in AustraliaFleming, J; Critchley, C; Otlowski, M; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
Sep-2014Building Clinical Ethics Capacity, Final Report of the Developing Clinical Ethics Capacity in NSW Partnership project 2014Doran, E; Fleming, J; Kerridge, I; Stewart, C
17-Nov-2015Caring for pregnant women for whom transfusion is not an option - A national review to assist in patient careKidson-Gerber, G; Kerridge, I; Farmer, S; Stewart, C; Savoia, H; Challis, D
29-Jan-2019Consent in the face of deathScanlan, Camilla Louise; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
29-Mar-2017The Deadly Business of an Unregulated Global Stem Cell IndustryLysaght, T; Lipworth, W; Hendl, T; Kerridge, I; Munsie, M; Waldby, C; Stewart, C
Apr-2016Decision Making in the Shadow of DeathScanlan, Camilla Louise; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
Sep-2016Disclosure of Individual Research Results and Incidental Findings in Biobank Research: Why We need an Evidence-based ApproachFleming, J; Otlowski, M; Stewart, C; Critchley, C; Kerridge, I
2014The emergence and popularisation of autologous somatic cellular therapies in Australia: Therapeutic innovation or regulatory failure?McLean, AK; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
27-Oct-2017Finally, unproven stem cell clinic practices might be curtailedMunsie, M; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
Dec-2015Implementing One Health approaches to Emerging Infectious Disease: Reflections on the socio-political, ethical and legal dimensionsDegeling, C; Johnson, J; Kerridge, I; Wilson, A; Ward, M; Stewart, C; Gilbert, GL
2014Knowledge, Beliefs, and Decisions of Pregnant Australian Women Concerning Donation and Storage of Umbilical Cord Blood: A Population‐Based SurveyJordens, C; Kerridge, I; Stewart, C; O'Brien, T; Samuel, G; Porter, M; O'Connor, M; Nassar, N
2014Managing ethical issues in patient care and the need for clinical ethics supportDoran, E; Fleming, J; Kerridge, I; Stewart, C; Jordens, C
2018The necessity for a commitment to beneficence and prudence in clinical innovation with autologous stem cellsLipworth, W; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I
Sep-2014The Problems of Biobanking and the Law of GiftsStewart, C; Lipworth, W; Aparicio, L; Fleming, J; Kerridge, I
Sep-2014Public Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Charitable TrustsStewart, C; Aparicio, L; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
Jul-2017Regulating the Stem Cell Industry: Needs and ResponsibilitiesLee, TL; Lysaght, T; Lipworth, W; Hendl, T; Kerridge, I; Munsie, M; Stewart, C
Aug-2016The Stem Cell “Sell”Munsie, M; Kerridge, I; Stewart, C; Hendl, T; Lipworth, W; Lysaght, T; Waldby, C
2012Umbilical cord blood banking and the next generation of human tissue regulation: An agenda for researchKerridge, I; Stewart, C
2015Untested, unproven, and unethical: the promotion and provision of autologous stem cell therapies in AustraliaMcLean, A; Stewart, C; Kerridge, I