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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2013Innovation in a generalized timing gameSmirnov, Vladimir; Wait, Andrew; School of Economics
Apr-2013Is Monotonicity in an IV and RD design testable? No, but you can still check itEdwards, Ben; Fiorini, Mario; Stevens, Katrien; Taylor, Matthew; School of Economics
Nov-2012League-Table Incentives and Price Bubbles in Experimental Asset MarketsCheung, Stephen L.; Coleman, Andrew; School of Economics
Aug-2011Likelihood-Based Confidence Sets for the Timing of Structural BreaksEo, Yunjong; Morley, James; School of Economics
Sep-2011Limitations of Network Games - a brief discussionNewton, Jonathan; School of Economics
Jul-2013Lying through Their Teeth: Third Party Advice and Truth Telling in a Strategy Proof MechanismGuillén, Pablo; Hing, Alexander; School of Economics
7-Dec-2011The Macroeconomic Effects of Quantitative EasingSwain, Richard; School of Economics
Feb-2012Markov-Switching Models with Evolving Regime-Specific Parameters: Are Post-War Booms or Recessions All Alike?Eo, Yunjong; Kim, Chang-Jin; School of Economics
Sep-2011Marriage penalties, marriage, and cohabitationFisher, Hayley; School of Economics
7-Dec-2011Mass Media and Aspiration Manipulation: An Experiment Altering Preferences Over GoalsWu, Kevin; School of Economics
Jan-2011Modelling asset correlations: A nonparametric approachAslanidis, Nektarios; Casas, Isabel; School of Economics
Jan-2014Monkey see, monkey do: truth-telling in matching algorithms and the manipulation of othersGuillén, Pablo; Hakimov, Rustamdjan; School of Economics
7-Dec-2011More lottery tickets than milk and no money in the bankBakhtiar, Fayzan; School of Economics
Jan-2012New Insights into Conditional Cooperation and Punishment from a Strategy Method ExperimentCheung, Stephen L.; School of Economics
Nov-2012The New Keynesian view of aggregate demand: some reflections from a Sraffian standpointWhite, Graham; School of Economics
Nov-2013A new solution for the moral hazard problem in team productionGuillén, Pablo; Merrett, Danielle; Slonim, Robert; School of Economics
Nov-2012On Broadway and strip malls: how to make a winning teamBel, Roland; Smirnov, Vladimir; Wait, Andrew; School of Economics
Sep-2013On the Elicitation of Time Preference under Conditions of RiskCheung, Stephen L.; School of Economics
Jun-2013A one-shot deviation principle for stability in matching problemsNewton, Jonathan; Sawa, Ryoji; School of Economics
Oct-2011Ownership, access and sequential investmentMai, Maxim; Smirnov, Vladimir; Wait, Andrew; School of Economics