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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Learning to be a scholarly teaching faculty: Cultural change through shared leadershipTaylor, Rosanne; Canfield, Paul; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007Moral conflict, cultural pluralism and contemporary visual arts educationElias, Ann; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007Participatory action research in an arts transition programJarkey, Nerida; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007References. Transforming a universityBrew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007Research-led curriculum development in time and organisational management skills at the Faculty of Health SciencesAdamson, Barbara; Covic, Tanya; Kench, Peter; Lincoln, Michelle; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007Same words, different meanings: Learning to talk the scientific language of pharmacySainsbury, Erica Jane; Walker, Richard; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007The scholarship of teaching in a research-intensive university: Some reflections and future possibilitiesBrew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007The student experiences study: Using research to transform curriculum for Indigenous health sciences studentsPage, Susan; Farrington, Sally; Daniel-DiGregorio, Kristie; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007Students’ experiences of learning in the operating theatreLyon, Patricia M; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2007Transforming learning: using structured online discussions to engage learnersWozniak, Helen; Silveira, Silveira; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth Towards a new design education paradigm?Rubbo, Anna; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth