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Jul-2014Ant colony development and transfer of juvenile hormone by trophallaxisLeBoeuf, Adria C; Brent, Colin S; Benton, Richard; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Ant olfactory receptors underwent dramatic expansion and positive selectionPrivman, Eyal; Roux, Julien; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Dynamics of Division of Labor in the Social Space Using Individually Tracked AntsBraunschweig, Raphael; Mersch, Danielle; De Los Rios, Paolo; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Energy imbalance causes the mortality in social isolationKoto, Akiko; Mersch, Danielle; Privman, Eyal; Hollis, Brian; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Epigenetic regulation of reproduction and behavior in a clonal antLibbrecht, Romain; Keller, Laurent; Kronauer, Daniel
Jul-2014Gene expression analysis of somatic maintenance in ants.Lucas, Eric; Riba-Grognuz, Oksana; Corona, Miguel; Wurm, Yannick; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Mapping a novel sex determination gene in antsHuang, Yu-Ching; Nipitwattanaphon, Mingkwan; Lee, Chih-Chi; Keller, Laurent; Wang, John
Jul-2014Population genomics approach identifies recent adaptation in invasive fire antsPrivman, Eyal; Shoemaker, DeWayne; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Slow behavioral reorganization following experimental manipulation of caste ratiosMersch, Danielle; Braunschweig, Raphael; Crespi, Alessandro; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Social Interaction Networks and Pathogen-Induced Behavioural Defences in AntsStroeymeyt, Nathalie; Kheradmand, Bahram; Grasse, Anna V.; Cremer, Sylvia; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Socially-mediated changes in brain epigenome in the fire antRiba-Grognuz, Oksana; Shoemaker, David DeWayne; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Supergenes mediate alternative social organization in antsKeller, Laurent; Wang, John; Wurm, Yannick; Riba-Grognuz, Oksana; Shoemaker, DeWayne; Nipitwattanaphon, Mingkwan