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Jan-2016Technical Note: A novel leaf sequencing optimization algorithm which considers previous underdose and overdose events for MLC tracking radiotherapy.Witotzky, E; O'Brien, R; Keall, P
Sep-2016Technical Note: Experimental results from a prototype high-field inline MRI-linac.Liney, GP; Dong, B; Begg, J; Vial, P; Zhang, K; Lee, F; Walker, A; Rai, R; Causer, T; Alnaghy, SJ; Oborn, BM; Holloway, L; Metcalfe, P; Barton, M; Crozier, S; Keall, P
Jun-2017Technical Note: The design and function of a horizontal patient rotation system for the purposes of fixed-beam cancer radiotherapy.Feain, I; Coleman, L; Wallis, H; Sokolov, R; O'Brien, R; Keall, P
Jul-2013Three-dimensional MRI-linac intra-fraction guidance using multiple orthogonal cine-MRI planes.Bjerre, T; Crijns, S; af Rosenschöld, PM; Aznar, M; Specht, L; Larsen, R; Keall, P
Oct-2013Time-resolved dose reconstruction by motion encoding of volumetric modulated arc therapy fields delivered with and without dynamic multi-leaf collimator tracking.Rakvilde, T; Keall, P; Grau, C; Høyer, M; Poulsen, PR
Nov-2016Towards real-time MRI-guided 3D localization of deforming targets for non-invasive cardiac radiosurgery.Ipsen, S; Blanck, O; Lowther, NJ; Liney, GP; Rai, R; Bode, F; Dunst, J; Schweikard, A; Keall, P
Jan-2014Validating and improving CT ventilation imaging by correlating with ventilation 4D-PET/CT using 68Ga-labeled nanoparticles.Kipritidis, J; Siva, S; Hofman, M; Callahan, J; Hicks, R; Keall, P