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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Indonesian Women as Export Commodity: Notes from Tanjung PinangFord, Michele
2017Institutions and Collective Action in Divided Labour Movements: Evidence from IndonesiaCaraway, Teri; Ford, Michele
2011International Networks and Human Rights in IndonesiaFord, Michele
2012Introduction: Men and Masculinities in Southeast AsiaFord, Michele; Lyons, Lenore
2008Introduction: Thinking about Indonesian Women and WorkFord, Michele; Parker, Lyn
2008It’s about Bang for Your Buck, Bro: Singaporean Men’s Online Conversations about Sex in Batam, IndonesiaWilliams, Sophie; Lyons, Lenore; Ford, Michele
2012Labor Migration, Trafficking and Border ControlsFord, Michele; Lenore, Lyons
2012Labour Migration and Human Trafficking: An IntroductionFord, Michele; Lyons, Lenore; van Schendel, Willem
2006Labour NGOs: An Alternative Form of Labour Organizing in Indonesia, 1991-1998Ford, Michele
2014Learning by Doing: Trade Unions and Electoral Politics in Batam, Indonesia, 2004-2009Ford, Michele
2010Legal Issues Associated with the Study of Sexual Content on the Internet in AustraliaLyons, Lenore; Williams, Sophie; Ford, Michele
2008Love, Sex and the Spaces In-Between: Kepri Wives and their Cross-Border HusbandsLyons, Lenore; Ford, Michele
2016The Making of Industrial Relations in Timor-LesteFord, Michele
2002Manfaat Pendekatan Sejarah dalam Studi Hubungan Industrial dan Gerakan Buruh KontemporerFord, Michele
2006Migrant Labor NGOs and Trade Unions: A Partnership in Progress?Ford, Michele
2006Migrant Worker Organizing in IndonesiaFord, Michele
2011Narratives of Agency: Sex Work in Indonesia’s BorderlandsFord, Michele; Lyons, Lenore
2013Outsourcing Border Security: NGO Involvement in the Monitoring, Processing and Assistance of Indonesian Nationals Returning Illegally by SeaFord, Michele; Lyons, Lenore
2016Regulatory Approaches to Managing Skilled Migration: Indonesian Nurses in JapanFord, Michele; Kawashima, Kumiko
2002Responses to Changing Labour Relations: The Case of Women's NGOs in IndonesiaFord, Michele