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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Utilisation of dental services in Mauritius by adults 35-44 years, 1993Kinnoo, Basti Rishi; Faculty of Dentistry
1981Utilization of dental auxiliaries in preventive programmesTalib, Norain Abu; Faculty of Dentistry
1977Utilization of dental servicesDoherty, J. F; Faculty of Dentistry
1992Variations in oral presentation of hivVenkatesh, Rajesh; Faculty of Dentistry
1967Variations in tooth size and a method for the measurement of tooth diameterSandilands, John Malcolm; Faculty of Dentistry
1990The vascular response in chronic periodontitisZoellner, Hans; Faculty of Dentistry
1961Vertical dimension and centric relation of the adult edentulous patient : a critical reviewEgan, Noel; Faculty of Dentistry
2002Volumetric analysis of root resorption craters after application of controlled orthodontic forces : a SEM studyChan, Eugene K. M; Faculty of Dentistry
2004A Volumetric Analysis Of Root Resorption Craters After The Application Of Controlled Intrusive Orthodontic Forces In Human Premolars: A Micro Ct Scan StudyHarris, Debora A; Faculty of Dentistry
1986Weight loss of orthodontic bonding resins in organic solventsLake, Deborah M; Faculty of Dentistry
1965White lesions of the oral cavitySwan, Alan George; Faculty of Dentistry
1965White lesions of the oral cavity : a critical review of the literaturePaton, John; Faculty of Dentistry
1992Xerostomia and salivary substitutesVarnamkhasti, Mehri Eshraghi; Faculty of Dentistry