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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Surveys of the attitudes and experiences of dentists and patients within New South Wales with respect to implant treatment modalitiesBest, Helen A; Faculty of Dentistry
2011The Sydney intrusion spring SIS An appliance for the intrusion of posterior maxillary teeth A prospective clinical studyFoot, Riaan; Faculty of Dentistry
1969Systemic toxicity of dental local anaestheticsShields, P. W; Faculty of Dentistry
1988Temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome : relationship of fixed appliance orthodontic treatment as a possible aetiological factorMountain, Keith John; Faculty of Dentistry
1973Tensile and bend properties of .016 inch diameter orthodontic wiresCox, Clive Leslie; Faculty of Dentistry
1964Therapeutic dentifrices in the prevention of dental cariesSiu, S. K. C; Faculty of Dentistry
1996Thermal effect on the bending properties of orthodontic bonding materialsDorchin, Hizkiyahu; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Three dimensional reconstruction of the medial edge epithelium during palatal fusion in the ratBrent, Suzanne Faye; Faculty of Dentistry
1963Tissue changes due to orthodontic tooth movementHendry, Francis; Faculty of Dentistry
1985Tissue pressure technique for the recovery of palatally impacted caninesEasthope, D. W; Faculty of Dentistry
1965Tissue reaction to orthodontic forceHellstrom, D. R; Faculty of Dentistry
1987Toothbrush and toothpaste use in AustraliaKarunanathan, Mathivathani; Faculty of Dentistry
1984Topical stannous fluoride (operator applied)Abang, Ahmad Bin Haji; Faculty of Dentistry
1982Training programme for dental assistantsAbidin, Hussin Z; Faculty of Dentistry
1979Transverse, static fatigue of dental amalgamGiblin, John Patrick; Faculty of Dentistry
1987Treatment of class II, division I, deep overbite malocclusion in the adolescent, using the edgewise applianceSmith, Lawrence Frederick; Faculty of Dentistry
2011Treatment of Class III malocclusions using temporary anchorage devices (TADs) the Alt RAMEC protocol and inermaxillary Class III elastics in the growing patientAl-Mozany, Saad; Faculty of Dentistry
1980The treatment of lower anterior crowding by methods other than those involving premolar extractionsPeate, Roger A. J; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea using a mandibular advancement splintMehta, Atul S; Faculty of Dentistry
1977Trends in activator design and use for Class II Division I malocclusionMason, Rodney Frederick; Faculty of Dentistry