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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An Assessment Of Temporomandibular Morphology With Routine Orthopantomography And The Association With Temporomandibular DisordersAryal, Monalisa; Faculty of Dentistry
1986An Assessment Of The Accuracy Of Transcranial Radiographs Of The Temporomandibular JointCharlesworth, Gregory C; Faculty of Dentistry
1985Attitudes As We Move Towards An Older Australia - What Are The Implications To Dentistry Of An Expanding Older Population?Shanahan, Patrick John; Faculty of Dentistry
1985Attitudes Of Elementary Schoolchildren Towards Dental Health Care In YogyakartaGigi, Niken Widyanti Sriyono Dokter; Faculty of Dentistry
1973Attitudes To OrthodonticsKwee, Wie Han; Faculty of Dentistry
2006An Audit Of The Caries Management At The Caries Management Clinic At The Westmead Centre for Oral HealthSbaraini, A; Faculty of Dentistry
1989Autogenous Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting In The Treatment Of Cleft Lip And PalateJayasekera, Tissa R; Faculty of Dentistry
2003Autoimmunity In Chronic PeriodontitisYe, Ping; Faculty of Dentistry
1976Auxiliary Personnel In Rural Dental Health Programmes For Developing CountriesHii, M. Y. L; Faculty of Dentistry
1987The availability of data in relation to needs and resources within the School Dental Service, Western Metropolitan Health Region, N.S.W.Webb, Bettine Constance; Faculty of Dentistry
1976A Background To The Management Of Comminuted Fractures Of The MandibleBrown, Denis Vincent; Faculty of Dentistry
2008Bacteraemia due to dental flossingCrasta, Kenneth; Faculty of Dentistry
1969Base Forming Materials For Amalgam RestorationsBryant, Roland W; Faculty of Dentistry
1988The behaviour of dental amalgam subjected to sub-fracture stresses at 37CGerzina, Tania Maria; Faculty of Dentistry
1983Behaviour Therapy In The Treatment Of Oral Behavioural DisordersHowe, Evelyn L. C; Faculty of Dentistry
1989Benefits Of Fluoridation AlternativesHou, Yin Shen Chiu; Faculty of Dentistry
1954Biochemical Studies Of Saliva - Investigations Of Salivary Buffer Systems And The Metabolism Of CarbohydratesLilienthal, Bernard; Faculty of Dentistry
1985Biology Of Growth Adaptation And Remodelling Of Temporomandibular Joint Structures And Some Orthodontic ImplicationsManku, Amrik S; Faculty of Dentistry
1986Biometrics With The Palatally Displaced Maxillary Permanent CanineImer, Michael D; Faculty of Dentistry
1961The biophysiological aspects of full maxillary immediate denture insertion : a critical reviewMurphy, Barbara I; Faculty of Dentistry