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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Analysis Of Elemental Composition Using Proton Induced X-Ray And Gamma Ray Emissions In - Part 1: Orthodontically Induced Root Resorption Craters Of Rat Molar Cementum Following Exposure To Systemic Fluoride; - Part 2: Human Cementum (A) Following Heavy And Light Orthodontic Forces (B) Orthodontically Induced Root Resorption Craters.Lim, Elaine; Faculty of Dentistry
2007An Analysis Of Factors Affecting Bone Loss Around Osseointegrated Implants In The Edentulous MaxillaHell, Peter G; Faculty of Dentistry
13-Dec-2010Analysis of root resorption after light and heavy extrusive orthodontic forces.Jimenez, Vanessa; Faculty of Dentistry
2009An Analysis Of The Physical Properties Of Human Dental Cementum Of Premolar Teeth Using MicroindentationClark, Gary James; Faculty of Dentistry
2006An Analysis Of Treatment Outcome And Quality Of Life Following Implant RehabilitationHar, David John; Faculty of Dentistry
1989An Analytical Study Of The Undergraduate Orthodontics CurriculumThunya-Udom, Teera; Faculty of Dentistry
1990Anterior Open-Bite Diagnosis And TreatmentGluhin, Olga; Faculty of Dentistry
1967The anticariognic effect of systemic and topical fluoridesSalazar, Brenda A; Faculty of Dentistry
1971The aphthous ulcerSomers, Nihill Henry; Faculty of Dentistry
2006Apoptotic And Morphometric Synergies Between Tumour Necrosis Factor-A And Transforming Growth Factor-B1 For Human Endothelial CellsEmmanuel, Catherine; Faculty of Dentistry
2001The apoptotic response of human umbilical vein endothelial cells to oscillating shear stressGue, Sumant; Faculty of Dentistry
2001Application Of Strain Energy Release Rate To Characterise The Adhesion At Ceramic-Metal InterfacesSuansuwan, Napa; Faculty of Dentistry
1963The application of the fluorescent antibody technique to the identification of candida albicans in oral smearsSchamschula, R. G; Faculty of Dentistry
1983Applications Of Forensic Odontology In Aircraft Accident InvestigationParker, Dane Stephen; Faculty of Dentistry
1959Applied And Functional Anatomy Of The Temporomandibular Joint.Barnett, Andrew Elgar Vern; Faculty of Dentistry
1976Applied Research In Endodontic Morphology.Hession, R. W; Faculty of Dentistry
1945Architecture Of The Human Manible And MaxillaeGabriel, Alfred Charles; Faculty of Dentistry
1988An Assessment Of Condylar KinematicsPeck, Christopher Charles; Faculty of Dentistry
1984Assessment Of Dental Treatment Needs And Provision Of Dental Services By The Dental Service Of The Royal Australian Air ForceSharp, Robert George; Faculty of Dentistry
1989An Assessment Of Microwave Denture Processing By Temperature MeasurementHogan, Paul Francis John; Faculty of Dentistry