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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A 'metamorphosis of perspectives on the past': A Study of the Hyde Park Barracks, 1975-2012.Boukouvalas, Alexandra; Department of History
2011A Misunderstood Power China, the US, and a year of deteriorating relations, 2010.Lim, Gerard; Department of History
2001More than empty words? : Prime Ministerial rhetoric and Australian nationalism, 1972-1996Curran, James; Department of History
2011Much Ado About Nothing: British Non-Intervention During The American Civil WarLevin, Joshua; Department of History
11-Jan-2017Multidirectional and Peripheral Memory in post-war France: The Harkis, Rivesaltes and the Cité de la MuetteJoncourt, Vivienne; Department of History
2011The Munich Massacre: A New HistoryBriggs, Eppie; Department of History
2013A New Faith? Rights Agitation, National Aspirations and Self-Determination in the Soviet Periphery, 1965-1985Stormont, Nathan Alexander; Department of History
1980The Newcastle district of New South Wales, 1860-1900McEwen, Ellen.; Department of History
2011Nominate Your Poison: Black conservative discourse on Prohibition in The New York AgeOliver, Elizabeth; Department of History
Nov-2012Off the Ball: Ethnicity, Commercialism and Australian Football, 1974-2004Gorman, Jospeh; Department of History
12-Jan-2017A Pacifist’s Point: William Warder Cadbury, His Mission in Canton, and Public Health Initiatives 1909–1937Gardner, Thomas Patrick; Department of History
Nov-2012PASSING BY: THE LEGACY OF ROBERT MENZIES IN THE LIBERAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA A study of John Gorton, Malcolm Fraser and John HowardRose, Sophie; Department of History
Nov-2012“Petticoat Government”: The Eaton Affair and Jacksonian Political CulturesMulders-Jones, Declan; Department of History
2008Phrenologyand the Insanity Defence: Medical Jurisprudence in the McNaughtan TrialVarley, Matthew; Department of History
2011Poetry and the Rise of the Renaissance Artist: An investigation into the interdisciplinary nature of the RenaissanceForwood, Matthew; Department of History
2011'A Poisonous Cup?’ Afternoon Tea in Australian Society, 1870-1914Knight, Jessica; Department of History
2011Profits Over Patriotism: Black Market Crime in World War II SydneyBlum, Timothy; Department of History
1995Putting into port : society, identity and politics at Port Kembla, 1900 to 1940Eklund, Erik (Erik Carl); Department of History
2010Queensland's Bible in State Schools Referendum 1910: A Case Study of DemocracyPerkins, Yvonne Joan; Department of History
2013'The Question Must Be Wrought Out': Middle-class debates over working-class and female education reform in Britain, 1860-1890.Wrigley, Claire Patricia; Department of History