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2010Beyond rhetoric in debates about the ethics of marketing prescription medicines to consumers: The importance of vulnerability in people, situations and relationshipsCarter, SM; Samuel, GN Day R, Ankeny RA, Jordens CFC, Komesaroff P.; Kerridge, I; Day, R; Ankeny, R; Jordens, C; Komesaroff, P
2014Challenges to pharmaceutical policymaking: lessons from Australia’s National Medicines PolicyLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Doran, E; Day, R
2011Death of the ‘Blockbuster’and ‘Pivotal’ Clinical Trial: Rethinking the Drug Development ProcessDay, R; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
2011Eliciting views of Australian Pharmaceutical industry employees on collaboration and the concept of Quality Use of MedicinesWang, N; Lipworth, W; Ritchie, J; Williams, K; Day, R
2014Ethics and Evidence in Medical Debates: The Case of Recombinant Activated Factor VIIGhinea, N; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Little, M; Day, R
2015The Ethics around Drug Labels and Generic Medicines.Day, R; Lipworth, W; Ghinea, N
2012Evidence and desperation in off-label prescribing: recombinant factor VIIaLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Little, M; Day, R
2013Formulating an Ethics Agenda for Drug Development, Regulation, and UtilizationKerridge, I; Lipworth, W; Day, R
2011How clinical and research failures lead to suboptimal prescribing: the example of chronic goutLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Brett, J; Day, R
2016Importation of generic hepatitis C therapies: Bridging the price - access gap in high-income countriesGhinea, N; Lipworth, W; Day, R; Hill, A; Dore, G; Danta, M
2011"It looks after me”: how older patients make decisions about analgesics for osteoarthritisMilder, T; Lipworth, W; Williams, K; Ritchie, J; Day, R
2012No evidence or no alternative? Taking responsibility for off-label prescribingGhinea, N; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Day, R
2013Overcoming entrenched disagreements. the case of misoprostol for post-partum haemorrhage.Ghinea, N; Lipworth, W; Little, M; Kerridge, I; Day, R
2014A review of strategies to improve rational prescribing in asthma.Inam, S; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Day, R
2011Saving money on the PBS: Ranibizumab or Bevacizumab for Neovascular Macular Degeneration?Harvey, K; Day, R; Campbell, W; Lipworth, W
2012Time for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee to set its own agendaLipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Day, R
2011Use of NSAIDs for osteoarthritis amongst older-aged primary care patients: Engagement with information and perceptions of riskMilder, T; Williams, K; Ritchie, J; Lipworth, W; Day, R
2011Why is disulfiram not on the PBS?Lipworth, W; Wodak, A; Haber, P; Day, R
2012Wrong questions, wrong answers? Are we getting the drugs we need?Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Day, R