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Jul-2014Colony Breeding Structure of the Invasive Termite Reticulitermes urbisPerdereau, Elfie; Velona, Alessandro; Dupont, Simon; Labedan, Marjorie; Luchetti, Andrea; Mantovani, Barbara; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve
Jul-2014Diversity of the chemical signature in the invasive hornet Vespa velutinaGevar, Jeremy; Christides, Jean-Philippe; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve; Darrouzet, Eric
Jul-2014Genetic differentiation and structure within the Reticulitermes species complex in Southwestern Europe: a multi-approach study to complete a speciation storyLefebvre, Thomas; Vargo, Edward L.; Kutnik, Magdalena; Zimmermann, Marie; Dupont, Simon; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve
Jul-2014Invasion genetics of two termite species: sources and breeding structureVargo, Edward; Husseneder, Claudia; Perdereau, Elfie; Dedeine, Franck; Dupont, Simon; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve
Jul-2014Predator's odor influences aggressive behavior of Reticulitermes termites in competition testsLucas, Christophe; Lefloch, Lauriane; Dupont, Simon; Christides, Jean-Philippe; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve
Jul-2014Social organization in source and introduced populations of an invasive termiteBaudouin, Guillaume; Perdereau, Elfie; Dupont, Simon; Dedeine, Franck; Vargo, Ed; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve
Jul-2014Spatial genetic structure analyses of an invasive termite in FranceChevalier, Zoe; Perdereau, Elfie; Dupont, Simon; Bankhead-Dronnet, Stephanie; Bagneres, Anne-Genevieve