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    • RAAF P-40 Kittyhawk accident data 

      Hobbins, Peter; Roberts-Pedersen, Elizabeth; Sun, Chao; Signorelli, Laura (The University of Sydney, 2019-02-19)
      This dataset comprises information based on preliminary reports for 601 accidents involving Royal Australian Air Force Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk fighter aircraft over 1942-1946. Based primarily on World War II documents held ...
    • Rabies virus strains circulating in Bhutan: implications for control. 

      Tenzin; Wacharapluesadee, Supaporn; Denduangboripant, Jessada; Dhand, Navneet K.; Dorji, Rinzin; Tshering, Dawa; Rinzin, Karma; Raika, Vijay; Dahal, Narapati; Ward, Michael P. (CUP, 2011)
      We report a molecular epidemiological study of rabies virus strains circulating in animal populations in Bhutan, and investigate potential origins of these viruses. Twenty-three rabies virus isolates originating from dogs ...
    • Race and belonging in an international city: overseas Chinese in ‘new’ Shanghai 

      Lim, Julie (Department of Media and Communications University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Science School of Letters, Art and Media, 2014)
      An aspiring international city, Shanghai has a history of being one of the most culturally diverse and attractive cities for tourism, business and employment in China, reflecting a cosmopolitan and international image. ...
    • Racially-conditional donation: The example of umbilical cord blood 

      Komesaroff, P; Kerridge, I; Steward, C; Samuel, G; Lipworth, W; Jordens, C (Thomson Reuters, 2012)
      While direction of donated tissue to family members has long been accepted, direction to members of specific racial groups has been opposed, on the basis that it is discriminatory and contrary to the ethos the institution ...
    • Radiation 

      Unknown author (1961-09-11)
    • Radiation damage on sub-cellular scales: Beyond DNA 

      Byrne, H L; McNamara, A L; Domanova, W; Guatelli, S; Kuncic, Z (IOP Publishing, 2013-02)
      This study investigates a model cell as a target for low-dose radiation using Monte Carlo simulations. Mono-energetic electrons and photons are used with initial energies between 10 and 50 keV, relevant to out-of-field ...
    • Radiation doses to family members of patients treated with Iodine-131 therapy 

      Babicheva, Rosalie (University of Sydney, 2001)
    • Radiation Interactions In Biological Matter - The Physical Roots of Biological Response to Radiation 

      Byrne, Hilary Louisa (University of Sydney Faculty of Science School of Physics, 2017-04-06)
      Radiotherapy is a widely used therapeutic tool. Development of new techniques in radiotherapy rely on understanding the initial physical interactions of incident particles in biological matter. The processes that lead to ...
    • The Radical Poetics of the Gendered Urban Quotidian: Reading Anna Couani’s Literary Experimentalism of the 1970s and 1980s 

      Brewster, Anne (Sydney University Press, 2010)
      Anna Couani is an important iconoclastic writer whose main body of work, published in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, redefined the parameters of the Australian literary field. This article examines Anna Couani’s ...
    • A radical reappraisal of transport and land market basics 

      Stone, Alastair (2017-10)
      The current foundation narrative of land transport service established in 1960s, focused on projections of existing demand, equilibrium models, and projects with feasibility based on the value of time savings exceeding ...
    • Radical theories of capitalism in Australia: Towards a historiography of the Australian New Left 

      Williams-Brooks, Llewellyn; Department of Political Economy (2017-04-18)
      It has recently been remarked that people are increasingly disinterested in the study of Australia. Perhaps, as some authors have argued, this is the result of an internationalisation of Australian society, creating a ...
    • The 'Radical Underworld' of the Mediterranean: William Eton, Malta, and the British Mediterranean Empire, 1770-1806 

      Samuel James, Gribble (University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry Department of History, 2018-09-30)
      In 1806, the British protectorate of Malta was engulfed in political scandal when accusations of ‘despotism’, ‘tyranny’ and ‘torture’, were made against the island’s Civil Commissioner, Sir Alexander Ball. This episode, ...
    • Radio Burst and Circular Polarization Studies of the Solar Corona at Low Frequencies 

      McCauley, Patrick Ian (University of Sydney Faculty of Science School of Physics, 2019-08-02)
      Low-frequency (80–240 MHz) radio observations of the solar corona are presented using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA). These wavelengths are under-explored, and several discoveries are reported. The corona is reviewed, ...
    • Radio Emission Mechanisms in Pulsars and in Extensive Air Showers 

      Rafat, Mohammad Zia
      In this thesis we discuss coherent radio emission in radio pulsars and also in extensive air showers. We discuss wave dispersion in a pulsar plasma (one-dimensional, highly relativistically streaming pair plasma in the ...
    • The radio pill 

      Unknown author (1963-12-30)
    • Radio Source Surveys at 408 MHz 

      Robertson, James Gordon (University of Sydney Faculty of Science School of Physics, 2016)
      This thesis describes an investigation centred on deep surveys of celestial radio sources made at 408 MHz with the Mills Cross telescope of the Molonglo Radio Observatory. Source counts were compiled from the surveys, and ...
    • Radio Sources in the Local Universe 

      Mauch, Thomas (University of Sydney. Science. School of Physics., 2005-07-25)
      This thesis presents a census of radio sources selected from the NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) VLA (Very Large Array) Sky Survey (NVSS) and Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey (SUMSS) catalogues which have ...
    • A Radio Study of Selected Regions in the Magellanic Clouds 

      Amy, Shaun Wallace (University of Sydney. Physics, 2000)
      The Magellanic Clouds have long provided a rich celestial laboratory for many astrophysical research programmes. Their location relatively close to the Earth and away from the plane of our Galaxy has made them a natural ...
    • Radio transients: Surveys and Techniques 

      Bannister, Keith (University of Sydney. School of Physics, 2011)
      I present two pilot surveys and a range of new algorithms to aid in planning and implementing wide-field radio surveys for transient and variable sources. The first pilot survey is a blind survey for transient and variable ...