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    • M-health and health promotion: the digital cyborg and surveillance society 

      Lupton, Deborah (2012-04-05)
      The new mobile wireless computer technologies and social media applications using Web 2.0 platforms have recently received attention from those working in health promotion as a promising new way of achieving their goals ...
    • M. A. Abdel Haleem’s Approach in Translating Qur’anic Verses of War: A Critical Discourse Analysis 

      Elmir, Mouna (University of Sydney The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences School of Languages and Cultures Department of Arabic Language and Cultures, 2018-06-27)
      Various translations of the Qur’an have been produced by Muslims and non-Muslims. These translators have applied different strategies to produce informative and faithfully translated versions of the Qur’an, understood by ...
    • M2M-enabled public safety services for mobile ad hoc networks 

      Ahmed Surobhi, Nusrat (University of Sydney Faculty of Engineering & IT School of Electrical & Information Engineering, 2014-01-10)
      The perpetual rise in the number of emergencies around the globe has indicated a requirement for ubiquitous public safety services. Unfortunately, traditional public safety networks, being dependent on land mobile radio ...
    • The Ma! Project: Crowdsourcing Software for Language Documentation 

      Birch, Bruce (2013)
      The Ma! Project's (‎) first app + database package is a crowdsourcing lexicon development system consisting of a smartphone/tablet app which allows users to sync audio, video, text and image data to an ...
    • Ma-Yawa Wangga 

      Marett, Allan; Barwick, Linda; Ford, Lysbeth (Sydney University Press, 2016-11-01)
      The Ma-yawa wangga repertory was given to songmen by the Marri Ammu ancestral ghosts known as Ma-yawa. Before the late 1960s, it seems that this repertory was frequently performed at Wadeye, but nowadays Marri Ammu people ...
    • MaaS Bundle Design 

      Reck, Daniel J.; Hensher, David A.; Ho, Chinh Q. (2020-03)
      Mobility service bundling has received a lot of attention from researchers and practitioners due to its centrality to Mobility as a Service (MaaS) business models and potential to foster sustainable travel behavior. Stated ...
    • Mabo The Man and Eddie Mabo as Principle Plaintiff: Tragedy and Triumph’ 

      Mabo, Gail; Keon-Cohen, Bryan (2012-10-25)
      Keynote Address - Ms Gail Mabo Topic: ‘Mabo The Man’Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen AM QC Topic: ‘Eddie Mabo as Principle Plaintiff: Tragedy and Triumph’. Other Speakers Professor Shane Houston (MC); Mr Charles Madden (Welcome to ...
    • Macbeth 

      Fitzpatrick, Tim (Ashgate Publishing, 2011)
    • MACEDONIAN Stepping On Handouts (2016) 

      Clemson, Lindy; Swann, Megan (Sydney University Press, 2016)
      This item consists of the exercise manual and handouts in Macedonian for 'Stepping On: Building confidence and reducing falls, a community-based program for older people', published in 2008 by Sydney University Press.
    • The Machine and the Arch: Explorative Intersections in Stereotomic Practice, Structural Design and Robotic Crafting of Dry Stone Interlocking Joint Structures 

      Fernando, Shayani Erandika (University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, 2019-09-10)
      Situated within the intersections of stereotomy (the art of cutting solids), the evolution of machine tools and structural design principles; this research investigates contemporary digital stereotomic practice, both its ...
    • Machine learning to generate soil information 

      Padarian Campusano, Jose Sergei
      This thesis is concerned with the novel use of machine learning (ML) methods in soil science research. ML adoption in soil science has increased considerably, especially in pedometrics (the use of quantitative methods to ...
    • Machines for living: philosophy of technology and the photographic image 

      Wittingslow, Ryan Mitchell (University of Sydney Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences School of Letters, Art and Media Department of Art History and Film Studies, 2014)
      This dissertation examines the relationship that exists between two distinct and seemingly incompatible bodies of scholarship within the field of contemporary philosophy of technology. The first, as argued by postmodern ...
    • Macquarie's Mate 

      Lawson, Henry (1893-10-28)
    • Macroarray for studying chloroplast gene expression profiles associated with the initial development of wheat 

      Siniauskaya M; Naydenov N; Davydenko O; Nakamura C (Sydney University Press, 2008)
    • Macroceconomic Impact of Direct Foreign Investment in China 1979-93 

      Sun, Haishun (Department of Economics, 1996-06)
      Direct foreign investment (DFI) has played an important role in the economic development of China in the past 15 years. It contributed to the Chinese domestic capital formulation and industrial growth, and promoted export ...
    • The Macroeconomic Effects of Quantitative Easing 

      Swain, Richard (2011-12-07)
      The recent crisis has raised two key macroeconomic issues. First, has the quantitative easing policy pursued by the Federal Reserve had an effect on output, employment and prices? Second, whether ‘quantitative easing,’ ...

      Jones, Evan (Department of Economics, 1993-01)
      English-speaking economists imagine that the economy is manipulated by policies directed at the macroeconomic level. The microeconomy is supposedly dictated by the market mechanism (and by policies designed to enhance the ...
    • Macroeconomic fluctuations and asset markets in Korea 

      I, Ta Ly (University of Sydney. Business School/Economics Discipline, 2012-09-11)
      ABSTRACT This thesis focuses on the dynamic interactions between macroeconomic activities and asset markets in Korea following financial liberalization in the early 1990s. Using a sequence of empirical models, I examine ...
    • Macroevolution of Trap-jaw Ants in the Genera Anochetus and Odontomachus 

      Larabee, Fredrick; Suarez, Andrew (IUSSI, 2014-07)
    • Macronutrient Balance and Dietary Glycemic Index in Pregnancy Predict Neonatal Body Composition 

      Kizirian, NV; Markovic, TP; Muirhead, R; Brodie, S; Garnett, SP; Louie, JC; Petocz, P; Ross, GP; Brand-Miller, JC (MDPI AG, 2016-05)
      The influence of maternal macronutrient balance and dietary glycemic index (GI) on neonatal body composition has received little study. We hypothesized that the overall quantity and quality of macronutrients, particularly ...