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The Premium Grains for Livestock Program (PGLP) was established in 1996 as a jointly funded grains and animal industries project. The project arose because of the rapidly increasing demand for grain by the intensive livestock and dairy industries and concern from these industries about a reliable supply of grain meeting quality specifications for their industries. Grain growers had traditionally seen ‘feed grains’ as down graded grains unsuitable for human consumption and were not encouraged to produce grains for livestock because of the lower price frequently obtained. However, much of the ‘feed grain’ available was of insufficient quality for animal industries to meet production specifications and deadlines. Consequently, following several joint industry meetings, the grains and animal industries recognised the opportunity to develop an animal grains industry based on the measurement of quality and appropriate payment for this quality.

PGLP has been funded by the Grains R&D Corporation, Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Pork Limited, Rural Industries R&D Corporation through the Chicken Meat program, Australian Egg Corporation Limited, Ridley AgriProducts and Dairy Australia.

The principle objectives of PGLP were to:

  • Identify the characteristics of grains that made them most suitable for different forms of animal production.
  • Develop a process, based on the rapid measurement of grain quality, for the rational trading of grains for livestock within Australia which provides just rewards to both the grain growers and livestock producers.

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