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28-Mar-2007Table of Contents-
2013The tacet mark as blackness.Collier, Delinda
5-Jan-2015TACKLING OUT-OF-POCKET HEALTH CARE COSTSLesley Russell, Jennifer Doggett; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2008'A tactic of return' : purpose and ground in the poetry of Jennifer Maiden and Jennifer RankinCassidy, Bonny; Department of English
2012Tactile Motion Adaptation Reduces Perceived Speed but Shows No Evidence of DIrection SensitivityMcIntyre, Sarah; School of Psychology
2012Taiwan’s Changing Economic Policymaking towards China:Liu, Yun; Department of Government and International Relations
17-Jun-2008Taking Ethnographic Film BackSweeney, Dominique
TakingTestMeasurements5_11_29.tif.jpg30-Mar-2006Taking test measurements-
Nov-2005Takiwa, a case study of politics in education: Exit, voice and loyaltyCarpenter, Vicky M
2001A Tale of Seven Cities: Subsidy Reductions in Norwegian Public TransportFearnley, Nils; Carlquist, Erik
2012'A Tale of Two Haitis: Representations of an Island Republic in the American PressFitzgerald, Zoe; Department of History
Nov-2008A tale of two zoos : a study in watching people watching animalsFrede, David
FoS_073.TIF.jpg4-Feb-1963The talkative dolphins-
Nov-2003'Talking teacher' - the Master of TeachingPachler, Norbert; Pickering, Jon
2011Tamburlaine the Great part 1Fitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
2011Tamburlaine the Great part 2Fitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
2011The Taming of the ShrewFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
2013Tangibility: highlighting physicality in interactive installations.Priddel, Rachael
7-Jun-2013Tape DelayAvnell, Jarad
9-Jun-2013Tape Delay/Echo EmulationAvnell, Jarad