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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2014S T Lee Lecture 2009Pang, Tikki; Magnusson, Roger
2009The 'S' Word: The Spectre of Syphilis within Middle-Class Marriage in Late Victorian and Edwardian BritainHanley, Anne; Department of History
12-Dec-2012S.O.C.I.A.L. - Emergent Enterprise Social Networking Use Cases: A Multi Case Study ComparisonRiemer, Kai; Richter, Alexander; Business and Information Systems
17-Feb-2011SafeGrowth and City Crime WorkshopClancey, Garner; Malloch, Anne; Sydney Institute of Criminology
Aug-2009The Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Law and Policy - A case study of AngkorLloyd, Georgina
2014Saints and the world in four late medieval British saint playsMcKeown, Ailish Marie
19-Oct-2005Salinity Research Workshop Reportvan der Lely, A; Beecher, G
1991Salivary flow and dental healthD'Souza, Marion; Faculty of Dentistry
1980Salivary gland dysfunction and xerostomiaSmith, Graydon Charles; Faculty of Dentistry
19-Feb-2014Salt water, fresh water and Yawuru social organisationSullivan, Patrick
FoS_130.TIF.jpg9-Mar-1964Salvage from space-
2004Samarkand region of Sogdiana : figurines, costume and identity, 2nd-1st century BCE-8th century CEKidd, Fiona Jane; Department of Near Eastern Archaeology
2007Same words, different meanings: Learning to talk the scientific language of pharmacySainsbury, Erica Jane; Walker, Richard; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2013Sampling Social Experiences in School: Feasibility of Experience Sampling Methodology on an iPlatformJessup, Glenda M; Bundy, Anita C; Broom, Alex; Hancock, Nicola
8-Nov-2014The sanction war- easier to start than to finishBabones, Salvatore
19-Feb-2014The Sandbeach People and dugong hunters of Eastern Cape York Peninsula: property in land and sea countryRigsby, Bruce; Chase, Athol
2013Sanity and mental health in an age of augmented and virtual realities.Garvey, Gregory P.
1999The "SAPIN" Legislation and its Effects on Tendering and Competition in Public Transport in FranceDuthion, Brice; Vincent, Pascal; Ziv, Jean Claude
2009SARS and Security: Health in the 'New Normal'Hooker, C; Ali, H; VELiM
2001Satellite Monitoring of Public TransportStretch, C; Els, J