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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2013p-adic Verification of Class Number ComputationsZhang, Yinan
29-Aug-2014The p-index: theory and applicationsSenanayake, Upul Chathuranga Bandara
1937P.E. Strzelecki, Australian explorer, 1797-1873.Heney, Helen, 1907-; Faculty of Arts
Nov-2012P.I.E.L. Survey Application ManualJessup, Glenda M; Bian, Steve; Chen, Yu-Wei; Bundy, Anita
13-Jul-2015p39R861-4, a type 2 A/C2 plasmid carrying a segment from the A/C1 RA1Anantham, S; Harmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
2003p53 mutations in cultured malignant cells and oral cancers detected in extracted DNA and in situ, investigated by the polymerase chain reactionLow, Eva Oi Wha; Faculty of Dentistry
1996p53 presentation and other prognostic indicators in oral squamous cell carcinomaMaloof, Frances Rita; Faculty of Dentistry
22-Aug-2013P53 responses to fludarabine in human B-lymphoid cancersAl Mazi, Juhura Gania
2002Pachomius as Discovered in the Worlds of 4th Century Christian Egypt, Pachomian Literature and Pachomian Monasticism: A Figure of History or Hagiography?Drayton, James Michael
2004Packaging curiosities : towards a grammar of three-dimensional spaceStenglin, Maree Kristen
2009Paid Care Front Matter-
Aug-2001Paid work & parenting: Charting a new course for Australian familiesBuchanan, John; Thornthwaite, Louise
FoS033.tif.jpg23-May-1962The pain killers-
1976Pain mechanisms : some aspects relating to inhibitory processes and their role in the clinical situation.Mason-Cox, Joseph G; Faculty of Dentistry
6-Mar-2015Pain related genes in endometriosis: A meta-analysisSaxena, Manika
22-May-2012Paint: It is pre-occupation with spaceKeys, Karena
-Painting Anzac: a history of Australia’s official war art scheme of the First World WarScheib, Michael
14-May-2013Painting Geometry: an abstract language in concrete formMcDonald, Adrian
2014Painting performance: art and theatricality in the work of Antoine Watteau (1684-1721)Touma, Josephine