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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2014Lessons from a national medication incident reporting program involving community pharmacistsGeorge, Rachel Anna
May-2012Lessons from an online debate about measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) immunizationNicholson, Michelle S.; Leask, J
2007Lessons from the Swedish experienceNyberg, Anita; Hill, Elizabeth; Pocock, Barbara; Elliott, Alison
2005Lessons to be learned from using Gertner’s game of Cournot oligopoly in the classroomVoola, Jo; Giles, Margaret
24-Sep-2014Let people voteBabones, Salvatore
2010Let sleeping dogs lie? What men should know before getting tested for prostate cancerChapman, Simon; Barratt, Alexandra; Stockler, Martin
16-Sep-2013Let the government default on its bonds — and build a better budget on the ruinsBabones, Salvatore
2011Let the Lunatics Run their Own Asylum Participatory Democracy at the University of Sydney, 1960–1979d'Avigdor, Lewis; Department of History
1983Let them see how like England we can be : an account of the Sydney International Exhibition 1879Young, Linda (Linda Elisabeth), 1953-
Wesley_letter4_004.TIF.jpg18-May-2010Letter from F.G. Kenyon to Reverend Richard Sellars, 28 September 1898Kenyon, Sir Frederic George, 1863-1952
Wesley_letter1_002.TIF.jpg18-May-2010Letter from John Wesley to the Reverend Mr Cantrell, 29 July 1761Wesley, John
Wesley_letter3_001.TIF.jpg18-May-2010Letter from John Wesley to William Horner, 8 February 1790Wesley, John
Wesley_letter2_002.TIF.jpg18-May-2010Letter to Josiah Dornford, 1 August 1786Wesley, John.
Jul-2014The levels of (accumulated) pesticides detected within honeybee comb wax.Wisniewski, Kris; Kirk, William; Drijfhout, Falko
Jul-2014Levels of neonicotinoids found in United Kingdom oilseed rapeWisniewski, Kristopher; Krik, William D.J; Drijfhout, Falko
2013A Liberal Theory of FederalismHerscovitch, Benjamin
2015Liberty Unchained: Anti-Convict Lobbying, Popular Politics and Settler Self-Government in the Australian Colonies and Cape of Good Hope, 1846–1856Holdridge, Christopher Arthur
2012Library encounters: textuality and the institutionKelly, Michelle
2005Lieutenant-General Edward Hutton and 'Greater BRitain' : late-Victorian imperialism, imperial defence and the self-governing coloniesLehane, Richard J. R.; Department of History
2002Life and work of Cynthia Reed NolanGrant, Jane