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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Nov-2010Part 7 Introduction: Language documentationWalsh, Michael
1999Participant music listening behaviours in interactive multimedia music instructionStanley, Michael Brooke
Mar-2004Participants' Conference 2004Foster, Mary (compiler); Value Added Wheat CRC
1998Participation in the community visitors scheme in the Sydney metropolitan area: A study of volunteer characteristics and motivationsPattinson, Diane; Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health
1-Nov-2005Participation in the XV International Symposium On Chironomidae, St Paul, Minnesota, And Study Tour To Washington State UniversityStevens, Mark
1-Dec-2012The Participation of Aboriginal People with Disability in Disability Services in NSW, AustraliaGilroy, John
Nov-2006Participation, community and learning in the nippersLight, Richard; Faculty of Education and Social Work
2007Participation, young people and the Internet: digital natives in KoreaHeejin, Lee; Han, Gil-Soo; Oh, Sangjo; Phillips, Ruth
2007Participatory action research in an arts transition programJarkey, Nerida; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
Jul-2007Particle Formation in RAFT-mediated Emulsion PolymerizationLeswin, Joost Sieger Kaspar
2007Passenger Rail Franchising – British ExperienceNash, Chris; Smith, Andrew
Dec-2009Passenger Transport in the UK 1920-50: The Drive for 'Co-ordination' of Transport ModesMulley, Corinne
Nov-2012PASSING BY: THE LEGACY OF ROBERT MENZIES IN THE LIBERAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA A study of John Gorton, Malcolm Fraser and John HowardRose, Sophie; Department of History
2006Past, present and future in Reefs-Santa Cruz researchNæss, Åshild
2009Pastoral Power and the Confessing Subject in Patient-Centred CommunicationMayes, C
1992Pastoralism and the landscape : a lower Lachlan surveyCannon, Anne O'Kane; Department of Prehistory and Historical Archaeology
15-Aug-2005Paternity testing: how to progressNewson, A.J.
2008Path finding on a spherical self-organizing map using distance transformationsBui, Michael
2005‘The Path of Return Continues the Journey’ – Engaged Buddhism and the Prajñāpāramitā Heart Sūtra in the Popular Theatre of Thích Nh´ât HanhRawlings-Way, Olivia
Jul-2014A pathogen reduces yellow crazy ant reproductive ability in AustraliaCooling, Meghan; Gruber, Monica; Hoffmann, Ben; Lester, Phil