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Dec-1987A Model of Product Differentiation and ProfitabilityWasterson, Michael; Economics
Mar-1994A Model of Share-Cropping with Interlinked Markets in a Dual Agrarian EconomyDutta, Dilip; Hussain, A.; Economics
Aug-2014Model selection and estimating degrees of freedom in Bayesian linear and linear mixed effect modelsYou, Chong
2004Model-based framework for integrated simulation, optimisation and control of process systemsRolandi, Pablo Adrián.; Department of Chemical Engineering
21-Nov-2014Model-based geostatistics: some issues in modelling and model diagnosticsGeelan Small, Peter Julian
27-Mar-2013Modeling and analysis of single-phase two-stage inverter for grid-connected photovoltaic applicationDu, Yang
Jun-1995Modeling Changes in Daily $A Exchange Rates: An Application of GARCHKim, Suk-Joong; Economics
8-May-2012Modeling Dynamic Range Compression in the Digital DomainPierce, McLean
20-Oct-2005Modeling Irrigated Cropping systems with Special Attention to Rice Wheat Sequences and Rice Bed PlantingHumphreys, E (ed); Timsina, J (ed)
26-Mar-2010Modeling the hazard of violent re-offending: An examination of the Andersen-Gill survival analysis model for recurrent eventsRodwell, Laura
2001Modeling the large-scale electrical activity of the brainRennie, Christopher John
Jan-2011Modelling asset correlations: A nonparametric approachAslanidis, Nektarios; Casas, Isabel; School of Economics
2005Modelling asset dynamics via an empirical investigation of Australian Stock Exchange dataBertram, William Karel
31-Mar-2014Modelling Bubble Column Bioreactors Using Computational Fluid DynamicsMcClure, Dale David
Sep-2007Modelling Chemical Communication in NeurogliaEdwards, James Roy
2003Modelling Emergent Properties of the Visual CortexWoodbury, Greg
Jul-2014Modelling food storage management in ants: mechanisms and social implications.BLES, Olivier; DEUNEUBOURG, Jean-Louis
2012Modelling framework of solar assisted dehumidification system to generate freshwater from "Thin air"Milani, Dia
Aug-2007Modelling motivation for experience-based attention focus in reinforcement learningMerrick, Kathryn
Apr-2003Modelling of OJD : extension of project to include economic analysis and preparation of an existing package.Sergeant, Evan