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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1990Optimal Mix of Urban Public Services; the Case of Three Indian CitiesGanguli, P.; Nath, S.; Economics
2005Optimal Pricing And Financing Of Public Transport Under CompetitionJansson, Kjell; Lang, Harald
1-Jan-2003Optimal Pricing And Financing Of Rail Passenger Services 021207Jansson, Kjell
2004Optimal Recovery of Resources: a Case Study of Wood Waste in the Greater Sydney RegionWarnken, Matthew
Mar-2008Optimisation of steam reconditioning for regrowth-ash and plantation-grown eucalypt speciesBlakemore, Philip
May-2003Optimisation of the Processing Strategy for Utilisation of Australian Wheat in Instant NoodlesAzudin, Nasir; Iyer, Lakshmi; Salman, Hayfa (ed); Value Added Wheat CRC
28-Mar-2013The optimisation of water quality monitoring schemesLessels, Jason
28-Oct-2013Optimising Adjuvant Treatment for Colorectal CancerKho, Sunn Sunn Patricia
2-Nov-2005Optimising Agronomic Options At The Farm ScaleKhan, Shahbaz; O'Connell, N; Xevi, E; Robinson, D
17-Oct-2005Optimising Agronomic Options at the Farm Scale. Draft Final ReportKhan, Shahbaz; Wang, N; O'Connell, E; Xevi, E; Robinson, D
8-Jul-2013Optimising Primary Care in Low Back PainCunha de Oliveira, Vinicius
2004Optimising the Postharvest Management Of Lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) - A Study of Mechanical Injury and DesiccationBryant, Philippa
2008Optimizing marker-assisted background selection for rapid introgression of desirable genesRandhawa HS; Mutti JS; Gill KS
30-Aug-2013Optimum Prime Mover Sizing in Combined Heat and Power SystemsAghaeimeybodi, Mehdi
1993Optimum twist for windmilling operation of a tethered rotorcraftJabbarzadeh Khoei, Ahmad
1967Oral CancerTan, Kiam Nam; Faculty of Dentistry
1964Oral cleansingNarayan, D; Faculty of Dentistry
1974Oral health education in Western SamoaTago, Isara T; Faculty of Dentistry
1990Oral health education- A necessity for IR of IranKamboozia, Amir H; Faculty of Dentistry
2004The oral health of rheumatoid arthritis patients in NiigataMurasawa, Ayako; Faculty of Dentistry