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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2000Polymer Colloids in Cereal-Based Foods - WorkshopCopeland, Les (ed); Johnson, Clare (ed); Quality Wheat CRC
2005Pompeian bar and city : defining food and drink outlets and identifying their place in an urban environmentEllis, Steven James Ross
1983Pompeian bust medallionFrancis, Kay Joyce
2014Pompey, Cato, and the governance of the Roman empireMorrell, Kit
Jul-1985Popper's Methodology and Economic TheorySimkin, C.G.F.; Economics
2013Popular Culture in Australia: The Ballets RussesDavidson, Pearl
1-Mar-2007Popular history and the desire for knowledge : an examination of James A. Michener’s The Source as a popular history of IsraelBrocker, Jacqueline
2003Population dynamics and trophic ecology of two species of Australian desert rodentsRicci, Silvia
1990The population ecology of the intertidal bivalve Lasaea australisTong, Lily K. Y. (Lily Kit Ying); Faculty of Arts
FoS021.tif.jpg29-Jan-1962The population explosion-
Jul-2014Population genomic approaches for studying the evolution of socialityZayed, Amro
Jul-2014Population genomics approach identifies recent adaptation in invasive fire antsPrivman, Eyal; Shoemaker, DeWayne; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Population genomics of the honey bee, Apis melliferaHarpur, Brock; Kent, Clement; Zayed, Amro
Jul-2014Population-level differentiation between Yellow Crazy Ant supercolonies in South-East AsiaDrescher, Jochen; Feldhaar, Heike; Bluthgen, Nico; Schmitt, Thomas; Buchori, Damayanti; Scheu, Stefan
2008Population plant breeding: making a big picture from all the little piecesFalk DE
2008Population structure in wild emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides) based on EST-SSREmebiri L; Ogbonnaya F; Moody D
FoS_152.TIF.jpg3-Aug-1964Porpoise sonar - a technical marvel-
Mar-2010Portfolio Margining: Strategy vs RiskCoffman, E.G. Jr; Matsypura, D.; Timkovsky, V.G.; Discipline of Business Analytics
2013Portmanteau worlds: hosting multiple worldviews in virtual environments.Roudavski, Stanislav
2010A portrait of the nation as a young man : the genesis of Gallipoli : mythologies in Australian and Turkish artYip, Andrew; Dept. of Art History and Film Studies, Faculty of Arts
Showing results 7310 to 7329 of 10242