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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014A mutualistic network of ants, aphids and gut microbesIvens, Aniek; Kronauer, Daniel
26-May-2014Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Host Interactions: Bacterical Requirements for chronic infection and host plasmin (ogen) induced disseminationMonteleone, Maria
13-Jan-2014Myeloperoxidase-derived oxidants: their Intracellular targets, defence mechanisms and role in diseaseNedoboy, Polina
Jul-2014Myrmecochory in relation to soil disturbances in south-eastern AustraliaPalfi, Zsofia; Spooner, Peter; Robinson, Wayne; Palfi, Levente
2007“MySpace: a place for friends?”: A Study of Friendship on MySpaceSawyer, Rhiannon; Department of Media and Communications
FoS_164.TIF.jpg26-Oct-1964The mysterious particle-
004.TIF.jpg2-Oct-1961The mysterious planet-
FoS_103.TIF.jpg2-Sep-1963The mysterious tektites-
FoS_166.TIF.jpg9-Nov-1964The mystery of living magnets-
016.TIF.jpg26-Dec-1961Mystery satellite-
2008The Mythic Monument and the Monumental Myth: 9/11 Through Film Posters.Williams, Kathleen; Department of Media and Communications
12-Feb-2014MythologyDianne, Johnson
1-Mar-2007Mythos and Eros in Fin de Siecle Russia : Zinaida Gippius’ Sexual RevolutionHetherington, Philippa
8-Nov-2013Myths of economic statisticsSalvatore, Babones
30-Mar-2012Myxosporean Parasites in Australian Frogs and TadpolesHartigan, Ashlie
31-Aug-2014N-Myc pathways in neuroblastoma progression from transcriptome studies, and insights into the GABA A receptor as a target in tumour progressionVacher, Catherine Marie-Odile Simone
2013Nam June Paik, cybernetics and machines at play.Ballard, Susan
18-Mar-2009Nanoparticle formation and dynamics in a complex (dusty) plasma: from the plasma ignition to the afterglow.Couedel, Lenaic Gael Herve Fabien
2012Nanoparticles: the future for platinum drugs or a research red herring?Wheate, Nial
26-Sep-2008Narrative after traumatic brain injury : a comparison of monologic and jointly-produced discourseJorgensen, Mikaela; Togher, Leanne; Speech Pathology