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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Molecular evolution of immune genes in the invasive Argentine antPaviala, Jenni; Helantera , Heikki; Pedersen, Jes S.; Viljakainen, Lumi
Jul-2014Molecular evolution of the honey bee brain transcription regulatory networkMolodtsova, Daria; Zayed, Amro
2005Molecular genetic characterization of the equine angiotensin-converting enzyme geneEllis, Natasha Anne
22-Dec-2004Molecular Genetics of HyperparathyroidismHowell, Viive Maarika
18-Feb-2014Molecular investigation of mycobacterium tuberculosis and the critical cell wall lipase culp6SHANAHAN, Erin Rose
2008Molecular mapping and marker-assisted improvement of rust resistance in the Australian wheat germplasmCakir M; Drake-Brockman F; Shankar M; Golzar H; McLean R; Bariana H; Wilson R; Barclay I; Moore C; Jones M; Loughman R
2008Molecular mapping of leaf rust resistance gene Lr15 in bread wheatGupta VS; Khan RR; Rajwade AV; Reddy DMR; Hosmani P; Chavan S; Dholakia BB; Lagu MD; Tamhankar SA; Rao VS; Saini RG
2008Molecular marker analysis of Lr34 in Canada Western Red Spring wheat cultivarsMcCallum BD; Somers DJ; Humphreys DG; Cloutier S
2008A molecular marker closely lined to the male sterile Ms2 gene in common wheat (Triticum aestivum)Cao W; Somers DJ; Fedak G
Mar-2004Molecular Marker Development for LMA determinant in Spica and CranbrookTan, Mui-Keng; Value Added Wheat CRC
Mar-2004Molecular marker development for seed dormancy in white wheatTan, Mui-Keng; Value Added Wheat CRC
31-Aug-2014Molecular mechanism of muscle weakness in congenital myopathy caused by mutations in TPM3 and LMOD3Kreissl, Michaela
Jul-2014Molecular mechanism of self-sacrificing gall repair by soldier aphidsKutsukake, Mayako; Shigenobu, Shuji; Meng, Xian-Ying; Fukatsu, Takema
Jul-2014Molecular mechanisms of caste-specific cuticular tanning in termites.Masuoka, Yudai; Maekawa, Kiyoto
30-Mar-2015Molecular mechanisms that regulate hemogenic endothelial cells in the mouse embryoIatarola Antas, Veronica
29-Aug-2014Molecular phylogenetics, evolution and systematics of isopodados Santos Ferreira Lins, Luana
Jul-2014Molecular phylogeny and character evolution of Crematogaster inflata-groupHosoishi, Shingo; Maruyama, Munetoshi; Ogata, Kazuo
2008Molecular phylogeny of a LTR copia retrotransposon family in Triticum aestivum reveals recent transposition activityRagupathy R; Cloutier S
20-Dec-2006Molecular polymorphisms for phylogeny, pedigree and population structure studiesWang, Yean